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Adrenalin eSystems appoints Balamalai Ranganathan as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Product Management

2024-07-23 01:12:00 Business


New Delhi, 24th June 2024: Adrenalin eSystems, a pioneering force in HR Tech and HCM for over two decades, has announced a key appointment to its management, with Balamalai Ranganathan taking the lead as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Product Management of Adrenalin eSystems. Ranganathan is a seasoned professional with over 26 years of diverse experience in HR-Payroll product business lifecycle and Payroll Managed Services Transformations.

As the company' new Senior Vice President of Strategic Product Management, he will be responsible for introducing cutting-edge features driven by AI, facilitating further blockchain integration, and working on enhanced financial wellness solutions.

"Ranganathan has the foresight to lead this department. Over the years in his career, he has shown an exceptional appetite for driving a proactive approach to product management, which includes engaging with analysts, driving product roadmaps, and securing global awards for excellence. As the Senior Vice President of Strategic Product Management of Adrenalin eSystems, I am sure he will make a significant contribution to the company and the industry as well," shared by Srinivasa Bharathy, CEO & MD of Adrenalin eSystems.

Established in 2002, Adrenalin eSystems Limited stands as a trailblazer in the realm of HR technology. Under the visionary leadership of Arun Jain, the company harnessed the force of technology to revolutionize HR practices. Adrenalin eSystems embarked on a mission to digitize essential functions, enabling HR to seamlessly transition into the digital age. Today, Adrenalin eSystems is at the forefront of empowering organizations to elevate their HR processes, unifying them into a cohesive and highly productive function.

"I am thrilled to join Adrenalin eSystems. With my extensive experience, I am eager to drive forward-thinking strategies. My goal is to contribute significantly to Adrenalin eSystems' continued growth and success", shared Balamalai Ranganathan, Senior Vice President of Strategic Product Management at Adrenalin eSystems

With a track record of over 250+ global implementations, Balamalai Ranganathan will further help the company grow. He is renowned for his ability to drive transformation through innovation and automation. He excels in strategic initiatives, global delivery, pre-sales, solution architecture, and requirements analysis. His leadership has led to remarkable achievements, enabling substantial revenue growth for four consecutive years and the establishment of partnerships with industry giants such as Workday, Oracle, Deloitte, and BDO.

With a degree in Electronics Engineering from the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) in Chennai, he started his career at Ramco Systems, where he spent nearly three decades honing his skills and climbing the corporate ladder. Starting as an analyst programmer, he swiftly rose to leadership positions such as Head of Product Strategy, HRP, and Head of HCM

Enablement Office, among others. His extensive experience includes a notable tenure in the United Kingdom, adding an international dimension to his expertise.

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