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  • Neetable CEO Puneet Jain Honored as One of Silicon Valley of India's Top CEOs in the Mahadevapura Constituency

    Bengaluru, India, March 22, 2023 - Puneet Jain, CEO and Managing Director of Neetable, a digital product development company in Bengaluru, was recognized as one of Silicon Valley of India's top CEOs in the Mahadevapura Constituency. The award was presented by Shri Arvind Limbavali Ji at Bengaluru's Top 25 CEO Summit held on March 19th at Gunjur, Bengaluru. The Top 25 CEO Summit, hosted by Janahitha Magazine and DoubleUp.live channel, honors business leaders who create jobs and contribute to economic growth in the state. This is a prestigious event focused on promoting entrepreneurship and

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  • The Institute of Neurobehavioral Services, S.C. Offers Grief Counselling In Orland Park Il

    Even though a loved one's death is expected, it is always an unexpected and terrible thing to deal with. Sorrow is an unavoidable aspect of existence. Everything you've heard about mourning pales in comparison to reality, which triggers a plethora of complex emotions. Grief cannot be anticipated or prepared for. Most people come to accept their loss and find their own ways to cope with time. Some, on the other hand, suffer sadness for extended periods without relief, impairing their ability to go about their daily lives. Grief counseling may help you navigate one of life's most difficult si

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