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Young Law Enthusiast Reveals Real Reasons Why People Have Car Accidents

2024-06-25 01:23:24 Legal / Law


Dianna Charles is a promising young law enthusiast who points out the reasons behind growing number of car accidents with an objective of informing people and reducing on-road fatalities.

USA, February 16, 2018 -- Car accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths all over the world. They can happen anywhere and anytime. There's too much at risk every time you drive a vehicle, which is why you must always drive carefully and follow all traffic laws. However, even if you are driving carefully on the road, it doesn?t mean that your safety is guaranteed. Because there are still other reasons or factors that may lead to a car accident, your drive is never totally risk-free.

With that in mind, below are the most common causes of car accidents.

1. Distracted driving. Distracted driving has become a more substantial threat every year and has lately become the most deadly cause of car accidents. You should always pay attention to the road while driving and avoid doing things like:
● Using your mobile device.
● Eating.
● Reading.
● Grooming or applying makeup.
● Using other devices.
● Talking to your passengers.

Driving requires full attention. One look away from the road and you might end up in danger.

2. Drunk driving. One of the leading causes of car accidents in the US is drunk driving. In fact, drunk driving is responsible for a significant proportion of the traffic fatalities in the country. The dangers of drunk driving are innumerable and getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is something that you should avoid doing at any cost. If you just consumed alcohol, it?s best if you can take a taxi, or hand your keys to a sober friend.

3. Speeding. The second most deadly and most common cause of car accidents in the US is speeding. It?s always tempting to push your car above the speed limit, but it?s not worth the risk. So you should just resist that urge and stay at the appropriate speed to be safe. 4. Reckless driving.

As mentioned earlier, car accidents can be avoided if only all drivers are driving carefully. You have to be on the lookout for reckless drivers on the road. They usually like to speed up, tailgate you, or change lanes too quickly.

Here are some behaviors that can be considered as reckless driving:
● If a driver is speeding beyond the speed or legal limits.
● If a car is following too closely behind you.
● If a car is running through red lights and stop signs.
● If a driver fails to use turn signals when making a turn.
● If a driver is driving too aggressively.

These driving behaviors can put yourself and others at risk. So you must be careful every time you drive, and keep your calm and take extra care when you are around these type of drivers.

5. Excessive rain or snow. Heavy precipitation in the form of rain or snow can increase the probability of car accidents. Slippery roads and treacherous road conditions caused by heavy rains, snow or ice can increase the likelihood of a car accident. Be extra careful when you are on the road during inclement weather, especially if the visibility is too low.

6. Running red lights and stop signs. Running red lights can cause car accidents that can potentially lead to wrongful death because they often cause side-impact crashes at high speeds. It?s very risky to run a red light, and it?s something that you should never do. The same can also be said for running stop signs. Stop signs should never be ignored as they too, can cause some serious car accidents. Many side-impact collisions and rollovers have been recorded due to drivers failing to observe stop signs.

7. Underage driving.
Underage driving is also one of the major causes of car accidents in the US. Since teens don?t know much about driving, they might end up in an accident especially in unsafe driving conditions. Be sure to supervise your teens when driving and provide them with proper defensive driving training. Also, don?t allow them to drive a car by themselves.

8. Night driving. Driving in the daylight is already dangerous but driving in the night can double the risk of a car accident. It's hard to drive when you can?t see what?s ahead and you'll never know what to anticipate. The driving in the night limits your vision and awareness, so you need to be extra careful and must control your speed.

9. Car defects. Even if you are still driving carefully, there?s always a risk of car accidents that are caused by the flaws in your car. So before going for a drive, be sure to check your vehicle for the following:
● Check if your car's lighting system is working fine.
● Check the condition of the tires.
● Check the brakes, steering, and suspension.
● Check if the battery is still good.

If you detected any problems with your car, have it serviced right away. Also, don't forget to give your vehicle regular maintenance to ensure that it is running well all the time.

So these are the most common reasons why people get into car accidents. By being aware of these reasons, you may be able to avoid these pitfalls and mistakes by driving more carefully.

Always be responsible while on the road if you don't want to end up in a car accident; and if you do find yourself in one, be sure to talk to an auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

About Dianna Charles

Dianna Charles is a promising young law enthusiast that hopes to bring her youthful spirit in her field. She tries to add a refreshing modern take to topics on the legal world that people can learn from. Dianna enjoys her free time with friends and family, and loves to cook for them.

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