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Scares and Sports: Revealing Three Haunted Sports Venues to Visit on Halloween

2024-06-25 01:47:15 Art & Entertainment


Halloween is just a few days away - it is the sweetest holiday of the year, centered around sweet kids putting on sweet costumes, and collecting sweets door-to-door. For a true sports fan, dressing up as their favorite athlete might seem like a good way to salute this tradition. Then again, Halloween doesn't have to be about costumes alone - there are other ways to make it memorable. For example, visiting one of these sports venues with a bit of a ghastly history.

The Memorial Stadium at the Indiana University

Back in the ancient times, a life - a building sacrifice - was sometimes offered to the gods and spirits to ensure the safety and durability of a certain establishment. During modern times, this habit has died off - today sacrifices are not intentional anymore, but they still happen accidentally. And sometimes these deaths are surrounded by mystery, like in the case of Michael Plume's passing in 1960.

During the construction of the Memorial Stadium at the Indiana University, Plume was a student there. Apparently, his destiny was to become a building sacrifice - his body was found hanging in the Western part of the stadium, with a noose around his neck. While most considered the case to be suicide, there are some details that don't add up - like the fact that his neck was snapped, and that his shoes were completely clean after walking across a construction site.

Plume's ghost is still said to be haunting the stadium to this day.

Frontier Field, Rochester, New York

Frontier Field is a relatively recent construction, so it might not strike you as a place that should be haunted. Unless, of course, it's built over an old cemetery, in the classic Poltergeist style. And this seems to have happened in this case. Paranormal investigators have visited the place several times, and they claim to have met malevolent spirits and other paranormal entities haunting the place. The field still officially functions a stadium, so it might give you the chance to mix sports with ghosts in a unique way.

Lost Vegas

This one is not actually a place, but a game to play on Halloween. Lost Vegas is a slot machine at, a perfect companion for the moments before the party. As its name suggests, it has to do with Sin City, this time invaded by the living dead. Euro Palace players can choose whether to play as survivors or zombies, each side coming with its own benefits. Aside from being a great Halloween treat (the scary kind), this Euro Palace slot machine can really get you into the mood for some ghost hunting (or a zombie movie). Head over to the Euro Palace and try it right not.

Kemper Arena, Kansas City

Kemper Arena has hosted various sporting events over the years, but none of them as tragic as the World Wrestling Federation's May 1999 match. Owen Hart, going by the moniker of The Blue Blazer, flew into the arena on a zip line. Unfortunately, his landing was amiss: he fell 78 feet to the ring and died on live TV. The beloved wrestler is said to still be there in the area, complete with his blue costume, walking around the premises.

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