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54th Anniversary of Earth Day with an Inspiring "Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots" held at Golden Tulip, Kolkata

2024-05-26 01:56:03 Events / Trade Shows


Kolkata, 21st April, 2024: As the world observes the 54th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, The Mamta Sumit Binani Foundation, Home for You, Yi of CII, Emami Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Maheshwari International Business Foundation, Eyantram, Sew In Style, together with MSME Adda hosted the "Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots!" - an interactive and inspiring event dedicated to sustainability and environmental care held Golden Tulip, Kolkata.

The event offered a unique opportunity for participants to learn about composting and its vital role in preserving our planet which was attended by: CS (Dr.) Adv. Mamta Binani, President of MSME Development Forum WB Chapter; Ms. Shital Bavishi, Renowned Environmental Activist & Founder of Beejum, an organization promoting sustainable practices; Baibhav Agarwal, Chairperson Yi of CII; Richa Agarwal, Chairperson, Emami Kolkata Centre for Creativity; Bishnu Lohia, MD, Eyantram Waste Management Company; Rajani Kedia Ghosh, Promoter Director, Sew In Style; Prashant Maheshwari, President, Maheshwari International Business Foundation; Ashish Mittal, Director, Golden Tulip Hotel & many other eminent personalities.

The morning kicked off with a hands-on composting session, where participants of all ages, from eco-conscious adults to curious children, gained valuable tips on composting techniques and waste reduction strategies. Composting is not a new idea. In the natural world, this same process occurs as leaves pile up on the forest floor and begin to decay. Eventually, the rotting leaves are returned to the soil, where living roots can finish the recycling process by reclaiming the nutrients from the decomposed leaves.

On this occasion, CS (Dr.) Mamta Binani, President of MSME Development Forum WB Chapter Casaid, "The informative and engaging Compost Carnival provided a valuable opportunity for the community to learn about composting and its role in environmental sustainability. Composting is an easy art. It's a natural process of recycling organic matter such as leaves and food scraps into a valuable fertilizer that enriches the soil and is the best fertilizer for plants. Today, the use of composting to turn organic wastes into a valuable resource is expanding rapidly throughout India and in other countries, as landfill space becomes scarce and expensive, and as people become more aware of the impacts they have on the environment."

On this occasion, Mr. Baibhav Agarwal, Chairperson Yi of CII said, "The compost carnival brought together the community to celebrate sustainable practices and promote composting as a way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil. This session offered a fun and interactive way for residents to engage with composting, with activities and workshops that were both educational and entertaining."

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