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Softaken Launched New Product Email Address Extractor

2024-04-12 12:19:36 Computer


Softaken Email Address Extractor's updated version is now available for download. Email addresses may be extracted from a variety of email programs, including Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and many more, using this extremely advanced tool. Emails may be extracted from one or many files at once with this all-in-one program. The technology has the power to completely change how companies collect and arrange email data. It's an advanced program.

With its many strong features, the Softaken Email Address Extractor can handle a wide range of business tasks.

Launch Date: 28/01/2024

This application's main goal is to retrieve emails from email clients' file format save databases. Emails may be extracted from a variety of variables and methodically saved in CSV file format. Its introduction is aimed at both small and large organizations. It is a useful tool for those on their own as well.
Conditions for the Application

Emails from various email clients may be easily extracted using this program. The app is independent. No other software need to be installed beforehand to extract emails. The program can upload and extract email addresses from files in PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, and MBOX formats. It is self-contained.

Main characteristics of the Application

It makes the extraction process quite simple with its user-friendly interface. The tool just needs a few simple steps and minimal computer knowledge to extract.

Because it supports email address extraction from PST, OST, EML, EMLX, MSG, and MBOX file formats, it has outstanding compatibility with a wide range of email clients, including MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, and many more.

The sophisticated program extracts email addresses from several files simultaneously to speed up the extraction process. To extract email addresses simultaneously, users are able to upload an unlimited number of files. Users' time and effort are saved by this function.

Another impressive feature is custom filtration, which allows you to upload files in File Mode and Folder Mode for filtering. When extracting email addresses, these two approaches aid in locating the target files locally.
The ability to extract email addresses from certain folders or whole folders is another appealing feature of this system. Users can extract email addresses from the folder of their choosing using this capability.

The ability to extract email addresses from particular fields, like To, From, CC, BCC, Contacts, and Body, is yet another amazing feature of this application. It provides personalized results in this way.

The application saves the extracted email addresses in CSV file format after extraction. Three options are provided for saving the retrieved emails: all emails in one column, individual columns, or text format.

The CEO of Softaken Says a Few Words

Softaken's applications are all renowned for producing excellent outcomes. They are lightweight, dependable, and simple to operate. They are a secure substitute for people and companies, and they are bug-free.

About Softaken

Users may rely on Softaken for online email conversion, repair, extraction, locking, and unlocking tools. In addition to numerous additional platforms, it is a well-known name for the conversion, extraction, and restoration of Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Entourage. Products purchased from the online store can be delivered the same day. There is a free demo trial available for every product.

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