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Hoppy Copy Introduces Email Sequence Planner To Make Small Business Marketing Easier

2024-04-18 09:29:40 Blogging & Social Media


Hoppy Copy, the Generative-AI writing tool focused on email marketing, is thrilled to introduce its latest offerings: the Sequence Planner along with a Guide to Email Sequences. These tools will empower users to effortlessly create entire email sequences, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their audience. Gone are the days of crafting individual emails manually; now, users can generate entire email sequences within minutes using the Sequence Planner in Hoppy Copy's AI app. The intuitive step-by-step guides, combined with the power of AI, allow users to streamline the email creation process while benefiting from helpful tips and suggestions at each stage. Hoppy Copy's AI writing features, renowned as one of the best on the market, make the Sequence Planner a must-have tool for email marketing professionals. In addition to the Sequence Planner, Hoppy Copy is proud to unveil their Guide to Email Sequences � a comprehensive collection of thoughtful guides designed to assist users in crafting high-converting email sequences. These guides cover a spectrum of strategies, ensuring businesses can tailor their communication to different scenarios.

The Sequence Resource includes guides for:

? Product Launch: A classic product launch sequence that does wonders for any brand. ? Promotions: A multipurpose promotional sequence to announce special discounts, deals, giveaways and contests.
? Cold Outreach: A classic cold classic cold outreach framework that can be used to sell any product or service.
? Lead Nurturing: A classic lead nurture sequence to move prospects through your purchase funnel.
? Lead Nurture (Soap Opera): Popular storytelling technique to build rapport with your audience and butter them up so they are ready to buy your products and services. ? Lead Nurture (Seinfeld): Three styles of short, entertaining daily or weekly emails to keep readers engaged and convert your leads to paying customers.
? Abandoned Cart: Encourage customers to complete their purchase. Use this sequence to promote your entire collection, or tailor it to specific products.
? Welcome: A classic 5-email welcome sequence to engage new subscribers and make your first sale.
? Onboarding: Welcome new users, build your brand, and increase product adoption. ? Cross-sell, Upsell, Upgrade: A tried and true sequence to encourage existing customers to buy more.
? Requesting Feedback/Reviews: Maximize requests to your customers with this simple 3 email sequence, be it a survey, review or any other request.
? Reactivation: Re-engage inactive contacts who have made purchases or signed up for your email list but stopped opening your emails.
? Post-Purchase (Thank You): Build your brand while encouraging customers to purchase from you again and again.

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