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GreyOrange Introducing Top Quality Automated Parcel Sorter Solutions

The rise in the e-commerce & supply chain industry is making multiple companies to turn from the traditional solution to automated parcel sorters. With the availability of automated warehouse sorting systems in the market, now the warehouse operations are more efficient and robust.

The rise in the e-commerce and supply chain industry has been a mixed blessing for the shippers. Where on the one hand, the enhanced shipping volumes meaning to the higher revenues, multiple shippers are caught flat-footed by the drastic changes in the market, which is leading them to a few missed opportunities and missteps. They are handling the increased number of parcels and customers (with enhanced expectation for faster shipping) as well.

In order to address these issues of timely-delivery, speed and volume, many shippers are now turning to the solution i.e. automation. Solutions like parcel sorters, when becoming automated, offer multiple benefits for warehouse managers as well as logistics companies.

What is Parcel Sortation Automation?

Today, automation is everywhere. And, talking about the automation in the parcel sorters, it consists of the usage of technology for the package processing while catering to the numerous of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks to do by hands. These solutions can easily be tailored according to any shipping environment, whether it is a big one or a small one. These sortation systems can be optimized perfectly for suiting a particular parcel size and how much the delivery process will take time specified by service level of agreements and the overall expecting shipping volume for that carrier.


Accuracy in Results:

Errors can take place during the manul-sorting procedure. However, automated parcel sorters guarantee the constant accurate (bug-free) outcomes.

Labour Efficiency

The warehouse sorting solutions like parcel sorters set the mail operation staff free from having to manually sort the mail by hand and enable them to focus on other vital tasks maximize their time.

Traceability or Data Tracking

With the automated parcel solutions, the number of requests about missing packages or items will be minimized. Customers will be able to track their products. The complete data can be gathered from the time-framing within packages, fetched from one place and rendered to the next level. This will give us accurately an indication of operational efficiency and how to improve.

Time and Cost Savings

The automated parcel sorters enable shippers to acquire high throughput they want for keeping up with the demand while keeping the production costs lower. The more efficacious macentertre do help the couriers and retailers in improving the profit margins as the shipping volume enhances.

Improved Operations and Efficiency

The enhanced load of parcels can be easily packaged quickly with automated parcel sorting solutions. Tools for tracking the return or inbound shipments can help with the streamline operations. With the better trackability, shippers can have an idea of the equipment or staff needed. This improves the overall efficiency of the warehouse operations and productivity.

About GreyOrange Pte Ltd:

With more than a decade of experience and a thorough devotion towards providing quality intellectuality, GreyOrange stands out in the crowd with their sensor-rich warehouse sorting systems. The company helps its clients by providing the warehouse execution software along with automated parcel sorters and linear sorters equipped with hi-technology. It helps the industries to stay updated with the market trends and act following the requirements. It owns 100% efficiency, accuracy, and precision as its reflecting parameters of the warehouse automation systems.

GreyOrange Inc.
Suite 100, 8000 Avalon Blvd.
Phone: (470) 799-1013
United States of America


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    Company: GreyOrange

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    Address: GreyOrange Inc.
    Suite 100, 8000 Avalon Blvd.
    Phone: (470) 799-1013
    United States of America