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Powepillss introduces revolutionary broad spectrum tablet range to treat intestinal infections in dogs

2024-07-23 10:52:10 Health and Fitness


Powerpillss is dedicated and committed towards the improvement of the global healthcare standards. We are proudly announcing the successful launch of one of the most sought after category of animal healthcare product, Fenbendazole.This is another ground breaking addition to our extensive pharmaceutical animal care drug portfolio. The Fenbendazole 222 mg & 444mg & 500 mg, 1000mg&150mg tablets are extending the innovative and advanced therapy for addressing the issue of internal parasites within the body of the dogs and other pets. And this further leads to the enhancement in animal care.
The launch of Fenbendazole is the most successful therapeutic measure for fighting against the intestinal parasites found in dogs and other animals. This formulation is benzimidazole-based and effective for combating parasitic worms in the intestine of animals... The unique formulation arrests the internal structure of the parasites and worms. And this retards their growth as they are not capable of feeding & reproducing. The most noticeable benefit of using this benzimidazole comprising medication to deworm dogs is the broad spectrum activity. So, it makes population powerful enough to completely remove the many different categories of nematodes/ parasitic worms that are found in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs and cats. Our breakthrough innovative formulation works by binding the tubulin present in parasites. Owing to this, intestinal parasites and worms are not able to survive & ultimately die. This new addition animal deworming drug comes in palatable tablet form and in dosages of Fenbendazole 222 mg & 444mg & 500 mg, 1000mg&150mg.

The Fenbendazole is available in the form of oral tablets. As the tablet formulation is small with oval shaped it allows the easiest swallowing of the medication by the dogs and other animals. Our pharmaceutical marketing company has already brought the versatile array of the Fenbendazole 222 mg & 444mg & 500 mg, 1000mg&150mg tablets. And the product is available in not only different concentrations but also the pack sizes to provide the instant relief to the dogs, puppies, cats as well as kittens. So, this allows the flexible dispensing provisions.
With no addition of harsh chemicals, this deworming product for animals is a safe and natural provision to keep pets completely free from worms. This deworming formulation works naturally and safely. And everything comes with no or minimum of side effects, without any drug interactions & contraindications.
The introduction of this revolutionary animal healthcare product imparts a strategic deworming alternative for animals. What makes it different from other pet deworming medications is the active ingredients that it comprises. As its components get straight into the animal's gut and kill the parasites exactly where they are residing.

Completely safe & fast-acting, it protects your pet from all the dangerous worms and other internal parasites. This is a carefree solution for pet owners who worry about dangerous parasites. As Fenbendazole comprises of number of ingredients and each and every one kills and expels different categories of worms.

About PowerPillss
Working and caring for speechless animals & pets through the delivery of safe and extraordinary quality products is the mission of our firm.
Our company, PowerPillss, is one of the leading pharmaceutical marketing companies delivering world-class high-quality products for pets, poultry as well as livestock. Every remarkable product exemplifies superior quality which is backed by Global standards. With the employment of qualified, dedicated team members with many years of cumulative experience in combination with the robust research and development infrastructure, every product brought forward meets the diverse requirements of animals suffering from different types of diseases, to enrich the quality of their health and overall life.
Our R & D team members extensively research the market trends & come up with innovative and much better solutions to provide extraordinary animal health care. Our organization has a full commitment to quality & animal care and this is what is at the heart of whatever we do. In order to know more about us, visit our website

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