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LAUNCH OF THE BOOK - In The Woods - Oruku by Roma Dessai

2024-05-26 03:14:40 Art & Entertainment


BFC Publications presents to you the new adventurous literary masterpiece, 'In the Woods - ORUKU', by the very talented author Roma Desai, who is well-known across the world for her brilliantly written fictional novels. This adventurous masterpiece covers the beautiful yet unpredictably mysterious journey of a young girl, solving magical mysteries.

The story is about a young girl Hazel who is handed a book by her late grandfather while he was alive. Soon Hazel unites with her friends to solve the mysteries related to the book. This fun-filled novel captures the beauty of the special relationship shared by humans and some distinct creatures who help Hazel and her friends confront some hurdles faced by them on the path to solving the mysteries.

This book is filled with unpredictable surprises as further in the story Hazel finds some secrets that she is astounded to witness. So, what do you think will Hazel and her friends be able to solve the mysteries from the book? Will they be able to find out the reason why her grandfather gave her that magic book? Let's dive into this roller coaster ride of mysteries, magic, companionship, and love together to find out the hidden mysteries from the magical book given by Hazel's grandfather to her.

To join Hazel and her friends in her magically mysterious journey, order your copy today and find out the answers to all the mystical questions in this roller coaster ride that will surely embark your imagination. Now the book is available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle and BFC Store.

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