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SharpEagle Technology Launches Forklift Bird Eye View 360 degree Camera

2024-04-18 01:24:37 News & Society


As a leading provider of forklift safety solutions in the GCC, SharpEagle makes a relentless effort to counter the limitations and gaps in safety solutions through continuous research and innovation. In this pursuit, they have launched an exciting safety solution, largely unheard of in the forklift industry.
SharpEagle's more advanced, reliable and accurate safety system for Forklifts 'Bird-Eye View 360 Degree Camera System' is now live on their website, with features that are a step up from the popular industrial choices. The technology is inspired by bird-view technology in the automobile industry for assisted parking. SharpEagle transferred and expanded its application in the forklift bird-eye view camera system, which offers 360-degree smart detection of hazards, obstacles, and pedestrian traffic using AI technology. Such features counter the blind spots better than regular forklift cameras and promise better traffic management for large-sized warehouses in UAE, Saudi, UK and Kuwait.
What sets Bird View Camera Apart?
According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouses account for more than 38,000 incidents each year. Earlier, site managers had to rely on CCTV cameras and manual monitoring to ensure that the products were carefully transported. These methods were found to be insufficient and difficult as they required human intervention. Further, selective panels visible on the forklift cameras left several blind spots, increasing the susceptibility to workplace accidents.
Bird-Eye View Camera System uses AI and stitching technology to provide a 360-degree panoramic view of the vehicle's surroundings, countering crucial blind spots and detecting humans and objects in real-time. Its smart AI integration eliminates human dependency and instantly alerts the forklift operator and drivers.
The ultra-wide HD camera system allows the operators to access real-time monitoring in 1280*800 resolution and supports expansion up to 128GB. With customizable views, the system is ideal even for low-light conditions. It also reserves a slot for USB and has auto-switching triggers. Moreover, the camera is easy to install and operate, so any person with no prior technical knowledge can utilize it to its maximum potential.
Bird Eye View Cameras � A technology that finally addresses the pertinent problems in the industry
Experts at SharpEagle researched the market to find out the crucial risk factors that continued to persist despite the current safety solutions. Bird-Eye View technology was tailored to target these specific problems and generate some long-term benefits for the industry in the process.
Generation of situational awareness
A 2014 study shows a 62% higher risk of workplace accidents with a fatigued crew. As a forklift operator with 12-hour shifts, continuous switching of different camera feeds for complete visual access is strenuous. OSHA claims that 36% of forklift fatalities involve pedestrians. The significant camera blind spots in the vehicle demand active judgement and constant alertness of the operator. The panoramic view of 360� Bird Eye View Camera System reduces the number of feed switches and blind spots, while its smart AI detects pedestrians and obstacles with minimum human intervention.
Through 360� situational awareness about the forklift surroundings, the forklift operator can now minimise the risk of forklift overturning and other accidents due to :
Falling loads as a result of minimum visibility while stacking
Bigger blind spots and over-dependence on the operator�s manual alerts
Misjudging distances and clearances
Business and Human Costs
A business report claims the average direct and indirect costs due to forklift accidents range from $38000 to $150,000 per worker. Where many companies just consider the operator�s and pedestrians� fatality and injury compensation, they fail to factor in costs for equipment damage, legal fees, and human resource replacement. Equipment damage alone is estimated to cost close to 5% of the vehicle�s lease consideration.
By maximising visual accessibility, the 360-degree Bird Eye View camera insures the company against major accidents, allowing them to reduce accident rates, save on annual compensation costs, and redirect their finances to workplace and product development. Thus, by investing in the Bird-Eye View System, the company can minimise
The losses incurred due to �worker�s compensation�
Losses due to downtime
Costs incurred in audit
The Bird Eye View 360 degree Camera is path-breaking
The Bird Eye View Camera System is an ideal solution for large-scale companies in harbours, warehouses, manufacturing units, and large-scale retail warehousing with a high volume of traffic and heavy vehicle usage on a daily basis. Engineered to meet the diverse needs of logistics managers, health and safety managers, and operation managers among others, the camera provides crystal-clear visibility and precise object detection and eradicates accidents.

About SharpEagle:
Founded in 2009, SharpEagle is a leading solution provider for explosion-proof CCTV, Lighting, and Forklift Safety products. The company is a part of the Studio52 Group and has a business network spanning the Middle East, India and the United Kingdom.

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