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TradeTek?Version 1.2 is Now Available

2024-04-23 03:55:47 Industry


Henderson, NV USA, Feb 26, 2024: TradeTek Software announces the release of TradeTek 1.2. This version introduces several enhancements, including a new Report Connectors tool that allows data to be linked between reports, faster launch capability, ability to change export locations and additional properties tools. Additionally, users can now benefit from a searchable Q/A Database that is accessible from the TradeTek Help panel.

TradeTek 1.2 adds the following enhancements:

* Select Default Location for Exported Files in Preferences dialog.
* Change Output folder of Single or Batch Screenshots.
* More Properties button adds additional properties in Assemblies, Takeoffs and Jobs.
* Compressed App and Installer provides a Faster Download, Install and Launch.
* Searchable Answers Database from TradeTek the Help panel.
* Input/Output Connectors allow Data to Flow between Reports.
* Global Properties can be assigned and used in Jobs, Assemblies, Takeoffs and Reports.

The TradeTek Software website and TradeTek Store within the application always has the latest version of each application edition, bundle or plugin. When possible, always use the newest build for the best experience. Current TradeTek users can easily download version 1.2 for a free software update.

TradeTek?1.2 is $1495 for a Lifetime License or $79/month for a Subscription.?Please visit the TradeTek Software website or TradeTek Store within the application for more information.

+1 (725)?356-1454

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Phone :-+1 (725)?356-1454

Mobile:- +1 (725)?356-1454

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