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Sony Music Entertainment and Mulatto are co-defendants in new defamation and copyright lawsuit

2024-04-23 10:20:20 Legal / Law


Earlier this week a lawsuit was filed against Sony Music Entertainment and Music Artist Mulatto in the U.S. District Court in America. The complaint alleges that the company willingly published and distributed Defamation and Libel to the world on a grande scale with the sole intent to publicly humiliate and destroy the reputation of the filer who wants to remain anonymous. The Plaintiff in the lawsuit alleges that several copyright protected lyrics were also infringed and used in conjunction with her signature adlibs as the identifying factors in the libel.

The song(s) named in the lawsuit are ?Put It On The Floor? and ?Put It On The Floor Again ft Cardi B?. At this time, Cardi B has not been named as a defendant in the case, but may be added or called as a character witness later on in the trial. The plaintiff has submitted lyric exerts directly from the songs as evidence to the court. The lyrics on trial are ?And I heard about your coochie b****. Pits like your p**** we all know that cat is giving fish.? The Plaintiff states that their signature adlibs that have copyrights, were used directly in the center background of the alleged slander, to publicly humiliate and purposely identify her. The Plaintiff is also suing for lines and lyrics that were used as the main hook in those songs, also being used as identifying factors, that also have copyrights owned by the plaintiff in this case.

To prove defamation, a plaintiff must show four things. 1) a false statement purporting to be a fact. 2) publication of that statement to a third person or audience. 3) negligence 4) damages or harm to a persons reputation.

The demand amount has not been released, and due to the nature of the case, the Plaintiff prefers to remain anonymous.

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