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MatchClean Announces Launch of Web Portal Allowing Users to Receive Cleaning Quotes at a Discount From Trusted Local Companies

2024-06-11 08:32:26 Business


For people looking at hiring a cleaning service, a new web portal promises to save time as well as potentially money. The answer is MatchClean, which delivers three quotes from local trusted cleaners, plus a guaranteed extra discount once a service is ordered. The early response to the platform has been very enthusiastic.

May 9, 2016 Picking a company for local cleaning services can be challenging for many people ? the question of who to call, how to compare prices and much more if often foreign to them. Stepping up to help solve this problem, as well as save extra money in the process is MatchClean, a web portal that delivers three local cleaning quotes to uses plus and added 10% extra discount in the process.

?We saw the hassle almost everyone goes through using the Yellow Pages hiring a cleaning service,? commented a spokesperson from MatchClean. ?This inspired us to create a better way. MatchClean is a win/win all around, but especially for the customer who gets a great service at a very reasonable price, saving time and energy in the process.?

According to the company, the foundation of the web portal is that it only works with ?Trusted Cleaners? that customers can have confidence in. Every inquiry is looked at by the MatchClean team and then forwarded to local Trusted Cleaners to receive quotes before being sent back to the person ordering the cleaning service. The web portal is free for all parties involved.

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