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Mere Choice Ka Health Insurance" Campaign: Encouraging Youngsters With ManipalCigna

2024-07-23 07:16:37 Business


Mumbai, February 15, 2024: ManipalCigna Health Insurance has announced the launch of its latest campaign, "Mere Choice ka Health Insurance" (MCHI) to empower young adults in Navigating Adulthood with Financial Security of Health Insurance. As young adults embark on the journey of adulting, they are faced with a myriad of first-time experiences from budgeting and financial planning to experimenting, caregiving for parents, taking self-care and in this journey ManipalCigna is proud to stand alongside them as an expert partner as they take their first step into Health Insurance.

Commenting on the new brand films, Sapna Desai, Chief Marketing Officer at ManipalCigna Health Insurance said, “Health Insurance as a category typically targets families, individuals of a certain age, but there's also a "New to Health" individuals, stepping into adulthood, who face significant decisions like purchasing health insurance amidst their daily responsibilities. Based on this insight we have launched our latest campaign Mere Choice ka Health Insurance or #MCHI. The campaign #MCHI (Mere Choice ka Health Insurance) as synonymous with ManipalCigna, aims to make ‘Health Insurance’ an intrinsic part of the adulting journey so young adults, who live in the fast lane, are better prepared. Desai further added, “Recent IRDAI data also highlights that Young Adults are much more financially savvy than previous generations and that 70% of young adults actually have financial security as one of their key life goals. Most likely, young adults understand that having a health insurance is a first step to adulting. With this campaign we want to communicate that investing in health insurance early in life is not just cool, but also the smarter thing to do, as it ensures lower premiums and broader coverage options, securing both health and financial stability in every step of the adulting journey.”

Nikhil Shahane, Chief Operating Officer of 21N78E Creative Labs, the agency behind the campaign, added, “In a category that is typically associated with T&Cs and belonging to “the parents” we wanted to find a way to be relevant to the young adults. And one need not look beyond their messages to see that Emojis and Acronyms are an integral part of our lives now. For a financially savvier younger generation, we wanted to make sure that our communication resonated with them in a nuanced and relevant manner. The answer was staring us in our face. And what better way to land everything that ManipalCigna has to offer than by inserting the brand into contextually relevant conversations, in a way that can be appropriated by the customers themselves.”

The campaign Mere Choice ka Health Insurance features protagonist Hrishi and Mishi, a young couple aged between 25-28, who live together and skillfully navigate their journey to adulthood, with the safety and peace of mind provided by ManipalCigna Health Insurance. The four-part films highlight some of the key features that are available with the comprehensive products of ManipalCigna Health Insurance especially for the youth such as Cashless OPD, Global Cover, Preventive Health check-ups, Unlimited tele-consultations, Non-Medical Expenses and their quick and easy claim settlement. For couples planning parenthood, it provides cover for assisted reproductive treatment and newborn expenses such as maternity cover of a Sum Insured of Rs.1 lac and first-year vaccinations. It also highlights ManipalCigna’s expertise in the health insurance industry to provide high-quality healthcare experience to its customers.

Click the below link to watch the four brand films of the ‘Mere Choice ka Health Insurance’ campaign:

Mere Choice ka Health Insurance Films:

The company has rolled the four brand films on all major digital platforms, and the films will also be leveraged on News television channels, and via Influencers on Instagram from various genres for maximum outreach across the country.


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