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2024-07-19 03:06:57 Technology

694 (HaL) Launches Innovative Platform for Legacy Personality Clone Chatbots and soon to help Autism & Alzheimer's families

Glenview, Illinois / June 10, 2024 - Hereafter Legacy, Inc. (HaL) proudly announces the debut of its groundbreaking platform, empowering individuals to create personalized chatbots to preserve legacies and coming soon to support families affected by Autism and Alzheimer's.

HaL's platform enables users, including baby boomers, celebrities, and influencers, to develop unique chatbots that embody their personality, providing a means for interaction and sharing beyond their lifetime. Additionally, HaL is pioneering customized chatbots featuring voice emulation and immersive 3D/holographic experiences tailored to assist Autism and Alzheimer's families.

Driven by its proprietary software, HaL produces chatbots that are not only entertaining but also serve the growing number of families affected by Autism and Alzheimer's worldwide. These chatbots offer a perpetual connection, allowing users to leave behind a supportive, engaging presence that fosters relationships, imparts wisdom, and provides emotional solace to both present and future generations.

At the core of HaL's technology is its sophisticated emotional intelligence software, HaL EQ, which analyzes text to discern a nuanced range of human emotions. HaL EQ not only powers the company's chatbots but also provides invaluable business insights by gauging customer sentiment across various platforms, enhancing enterprises' understanding of their audience.

Fredrik Gabriel, Founder and CEO of HaL, expressed his long-standing vision behind the project, citing personal experiences with Alzheimer's and Autism as driving forces. He envisions HaL's chatbots as a proactive means of engaging individuals affected by these conditions, preserving memories, and offering enduring support.

HaL anticipates widespread adoption of its chatbots, paralleling the viral impact seen with celebrity endorsements on social media platforms. Moreover, with the global prevalence of Alzheimer's (55 Million+) and Autism (75 Million+) on the rise, HaL aims to alleviate the burdens faced by families while reducing healthcare costs ($400B and $500B per year respectively) and insurance liabilities associated with care giving.

ABOUT Hereafter Legacy, Inc. (HaL):
HaL originated from Fredrik Gabriel's contemplation on preserving his legacy for his child, evolving into a platform dedicated to creating personalized chatbots. Inspired by personal encounters with Autism and Alzheimer's, HaL seeks to harness technology to provide ongoing support and companionship.

For more information, please contact:
Fredrik Gabriel
815 Long Rd,
Glenview, IL 60025
Phone: 1 847 796 0487

Company :-Hereafter Legacy, inc.

User :- Fredrik Gabriel


Phone :-8477960487

Mobile:- 8477960487

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