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Eggoz forays into frozen snack market with high-protein Egg Bhurji Momoz

2024-05-26 11:11:38 Lifestyle


Eggoz Nutrition, India's pioneering egg-focused consumer brand, has taken a significant stride towards promoting farm-fresh and chemical-free eggs with the launch of its latest product, Egg Bhurji Momoz. This innovative offering marks Eggoz's entry into frozen snacks, introducing a delectable fusion of flavours to delight consumers' taste buds.

Combining superior taste with nutritional excellence, Eggoz is the first brand to incorporate egg bhurji stuffing into momos, setting a new standard for healthy snacking options.

The Egg Bhurji Momoz are a unique and delicious addition to Eggoz's product line-up. This product is inspired by from an Anda Bhurji which is so unique, yet popular across India. Filled with this tempting Anda bhurji, these momos are juicy, yummy and flavorful. For those looking for a nutritious snacking option, this can be an ideal choice.

Additionally, Egg Bhurji Momoz are easy to prepare, requiring just five minutes to be ready to serve. Also, each pack comes with a spicy, hot, and tempting dip, enhancing the flavour experience and adding an extra layer of excitement to the snacking journey.

Mr. Abhishek Negi, Co-founder & CEO of Eggoz Nutrition, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, "At Eggoz, our mission has always been to promote nutritious eating choices without compromising on taste. With the introduction of Egg Bhurji Momoz, we continue to innovate and cater to the evolving preferences of our consumers. We are proud to offer a snack that not only relishes the taste buds but also provides a nutritious boost, aligning with our commitment to quality and health. We are planning to launch more wholesome egg-snacking options this year.”

Eggoz Nutrition prioritizes the quality and safety of its products, ensuring that the eggs used in the Egg Bhurji Momoz are produced using herbal hen feed that undergoes 11 rigorous safety checks. This dedication to excellence has contributed to Eggoz's remarkable success in the market. The brand recently crossed INR 100 crore figures in net annual recurring revenue (ARR) sales within three years of its launch. Its extensive market presence in Delhi NCR and Bangalore further solidifies its position as the most trusted and preferred brand for fresh eggs.

The Egg Bhurji Momoz can be purchased on Eggoz website and through popular online platforms such as Blinkit, Swiggy Instamart, and Zepto. They can also be found at various retail shops, ensuring easy access for consumers across different channels.

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