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The Animal Care Organization Celebrates Two Years of Pioneering Animal Welfare in India

2024-07-20 06:06:24 Home and Family


New Delhi, April 22, 2024: The Animal Care Organization (TACO) marked a significant milestone today, celebrating two years of unwavering dedication towards animal welfare across India. Established in 2022 by the Anil Agarwal Foundation (AAF), Vedanta Ltd's social impact arm, TACO operates on six core pillars: shelter, hospital, academy, wildlife conservation, disaster relief efforts and sector development. This holistic approach aligning with the 'One Health' model ensures a lasting impact on the well-being of animals and the ecosystem they inhabit.

Within just two years, TACO's dedication has demonstrably transformed India's animal welfare landscape. Over 60,135 animals have directly benefited from their interventions. This impact is visible at the Foundation's shelter in Faridabad, which has become a sanctuary for over 160 rescued animals. Here, they receive vital medical care, including surgeries if needed, and a nurturing environment to heal and rehabilitate. Understanding that wildlife plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy planet, TACO has partnered with the Government of Rajasthan to strengthen wildlife conservation efforts at Ranthambore National Park. Its contribution of INR 1 crore has facilitated the deployment of patrolling vehicles, empowering park rangers with improved mobility and surveillance capabilities to combat poaching and protect endangered species. Additionally, AAF has allocated an initial corpus of Rs. 100 crores to support TACO's ambitious vision.

Reflecting on TACO's journey, Ms. Priya Agarwal Hebbar, Anchor, TACO, Chairperson, Hindustan Zinc Ltd and Non-Executive Director, Vedanta Ltd, said, "At TACO, we believe in the inherent value of all living beings and the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. From the very beginning, TACO's vision has been to create a lasting impact on animal welfare in India. Our efforts are driven by a profound commitment to creating an ecosystem where animals are treated with compassion and respect. The initiatives undertaken by TACO in the past two years are a testament to the power of collective action in realizing this vision."

TACO recognizes that creating a lasting impact on animal welfare requires a shift in societal attitudes. To achieve this, they have actively engaged with communities in Delhi-NCR. Through various awareness campaigns and workshops, they've addressed responsible and compassionate treatment of animals, advocated for responsible pet guardianship, and encouraged community participation in animal welfare initiatives.

Acknowledging the critical need for accessible veterinary services in urban areas, TACO is strategically extending its reach. Recognizing the fast pace of city life, they have introduced veterinary ambulance services, ensuring animals in distress receive timely medical intervention. The organization also plans to deploy a Mobile Health Van soon in Delhi-NCR. Additionally, training workshops under TACO Academy for veterinary professionals in Delhi-NCR are bridging the gap in urban veterinary care. By building veterinary capacity, TACO ensures animals in these densely populated areas can access the care they need.

TACO's commitment extends to emergency situations as well. During the Delhi Floods of 2023, TACO mounted extensive relief and rescue efforts, saving the lives of countless animals. Their swift response with boats and specialized rescue teams ensured that even animals stranded in remote areas were not left behind. This exemplifies their dedication to animal welfare in even the most challenging circumstances. In total, through flood relief and rescue efforts like these, TACO has ensured the well-being of a staggering 4,850 animals across Delhi and Haryana.

Similarly, TACO’s team at Faridabad has been constantly attending to rescue calls round-the-clock. Recently, a speeding car struck a bull in Faizupur Khadar in Ballabgarh, Haryana. A local school principal, Shiv Kumar, found the injured animal and sought TACO's help. The shelter’s veterinary team responded swiftly, arriving at the scene with their ambulance. Their expertise and advanced medical equipment proved critical in stabilizing the bull's condition and transporting it to the shelter for further treatment, offering it a second chance at a healthy life.

Beyond emergency response, TACO's influence extends far and wide. Their commitment to preventive care ensures the overall health of animals in the communities they serve. This includes vaccinations and treatment for common illnesses, providing much-needed preventative measures to keep animals healthy.

With a steadfast commitment to long-term sustainability and ambitious plans for expansion across India, TACO is poised to make an indelible mark on the future of animal welfare in the country. Their vision extends beyond immediate needs, aiming to build a future where respect and care for animals are ingrained in society.

About Anil Agarwal Foundation

The Anil Agarwal Foundation is the umbrella entity for Vedanta’s community and social initiatives. The focus areas of the Foundation are Healthcare, Women and Child development, Animal Welfare Projects, and Sports Initiatives. Anil Agarwal Foundation aims to empower communities, transform lives, and facilitate nation building through sustainable and inclusive growth.

About The Animal Care Organization (TACO)

The Animal Care Organization (TACO) is a unique animal welfare project under the aegis of Anil Agarwal Foundation (AAF), the social impact arm of Vedanta Ltd. It is aimed at providing world-class infrastructure, veterinary services, a training facility, and animal shelters to heal and protect animals. TACO’s six pillars of shelter, hospital, academy, wildlife conservation, disaster relief efforts and sectoral development, aim to develop international standards for animal welfare. Advanced animal healthcare, preventive veterinary care, a spay and neuter program, diagnostics, and mobile emergency care units will be the main priorities of the under construction multi-specialty veterinary hospital and Animal Birth Control Centre in Faridabad. TACO academy offers short-term courses for a variety of target groups, including veterinarians and para-vets, the animal shelter will concentrate on rescue, rehabilitation, geriatric and palliative care, animal housing services, nutrition, and well-being. Its mission is to establish a sustainable and scalable ecosystem for the well-being of animals based on the principles of ‘One Health’.

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