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Shreekant Patil Elevates Startup Ecosystem Through Mentorship with UNDP- Youth Co:Lab in India

2024-05-26 11:12:08 Business


Renowned mentor Shreekant Patil collaborates with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in India to mentor three startups, guiding them through workshops on business canvas models and pitch deck preparation. Following extensive mentoring and guidance, all three startups successfully pass the pitch deck evaluation, signaling a promising future for their entrepreneurial ventures. Shreekant Patil�s commitment to supporting startup growth and innovation shines through his collaboration with UNDP � Youth Co:Lab, highlighting the importance of mentorship in fostering entrepreneurial success.

News / Press release / India � Renowned Startup India mentor, Shreekant Patil, has expanded his impactful mentorship to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in India, guiding and nurturing three promising startups from March 2024 onwards. Commencing with a dynamic workshop on the business canvas model, Shreekant Patil provided invaluable insights and support to these startups as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys on Agriculture Fintech and Insurtech for small and marginal farmers.

The mentorship journey progressed with Shreekant Patil offering expert guidance on crafting compelling pitch decks, focusing on elements such as presentation structure, color schemes, fonts, imagery, and content in PowerPoint presentations. His hands-on advice empowered the startups to refine their pitching techniques and effectively communicate their business ideas to potential investors.

On the pivotal dates of 29th March, from 4.00 pm to 5.00pm and 5th April 2024, from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Shreekant Patil conducted thorough reviews of the startups� pitch presentations, ensuring they were well-prepared to showcase their innovative solutions. During the final evaluation organized by UNDP � Youth Co:Lab on 5th April, Shreekant Patil was delighted to witness all three startups successfully pass the pitch deck evaluation, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Imparting his wealth of knowledge and experience, Shreekant Patil reassured the startups of his ongoing support and commitment to helping them navigate the complexities of the startup landscape. His collaboration with UNDP in India underscores his dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and driving sustainable innovation across diverse sectors.

CE. Shreekant Patil is a leading Startup India mentor, chartered engineer, ZED, LEAN MSME consultant, credit councillor at SIDBI, advisory board member at colleges & holds positions in governing body at various chamber of commerce, dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to emerging startups and MSMEs. Their team of seasoned professionals assists entrepreneurs in various areas, including business strategy, operations, finance, marketing, and technology adoption. With a friendly and patient approach, they empower startups and MSMEs to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth. He assist MSME to avail Govt of India schemes, subsidies, export incentives etc. Shreekant Patil is consultant, advisor at European Union, United Nations and African Development Bank.

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