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How I found a good driving school in Budapest

2024-05-26 05:42:34 Automotive


As a businessman who recently moved to Budapest with my family, I found navigating the bustling city to be a challenge, especially when it came to driving. Thanks to them, my wife and daughter can now be independently mobile! Luckily, we found ReadyGo Driving School, which caters to the specific needs of expatriates like us who are striving to learn how to drive in a new country without the language barrier.

How I found a good driving school in Budapest

From our first interaction with ReadyGo Driving School, we were impressed by their warm and welcoming approach, as well as their expertise in teaching driving to expatriates and their families. We were especially pleased to find that they had English-speaking instructors available.

Throughout the learning process, their professionalism, friendliness, and patience made it both educational and enjoyable. The instructors were with us every step of the way, ensuring that we felt confident navigating Budapest's vibrant streets safely.

Driving school that also offers lessons in English

ReadyGo provided a comprehensive training program for beginners, such as my daughter, which culminated in obtaining a Category B driving license.

Additionally, my wife, who already possessed a driving license but was unaccustomed to driving in Hungary, greatly benefited from their tailored refresher courses. These courses were designed to ease the transition to Budapest's driving conditions, including adapting to left-hand traffic, which was new to us.

Travelling by car is more convenient

The flexibility and convenience of scheduling classes around your busy life was invaluable, allowing you to avoid relying on public transport. ReadyGo Driving School gives you the freedom to explore Budapest at your own pace, making your adaptation to living and working in Hungary smoother and more enjoyable.

Moreover, ReadyGo Driving School offered a variety of vehicles to ensure that each student could learn in a car that they felt comfortable with. This selection included both manual and automatic transmission vehicles, catering to the preferences of their diverse clientele.

Their cars were well-maintained and equipped with the latest safety features, which gave us peace of mind during each driving lesson. This focus on safety and comfort significantly enhanced our learning experience, making us feel secure while we adapted to the traffic patterns and road regulations in Budapest.

Completing our courses with ReadyGo was a milestone for us, as it not only enabled us to navigate Budapest independently, but also boosted our confidence in integrating into our new environment. Their commitment to providing a holistic education in driving ensured that we not only passed our driving tests but became cautious and responsible drivers. Reflecting on our experience, choosing ReadyGo Driving School was one of the best decisions we made after moving to Budapest, as it significantly eased our transition and enriched our expatriate life in Hungary.

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