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ExamFactor Ignites CUET Preparation with Nationwide Radio Campaign

2024-05-26 04:23:00 Education


New Delhi, 10 April 2024: ExamFactor, the pioneering AI-driven exam preparation platform, has unveiled a comprehensive radio campaign titled "Revise, Test, Achieve" on 93.5 FM, aimed at bolstering awareness and readiness among undergraduate aspirants for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET). This initiative seeks to bridge the information gap and equip students with the tools they need for academic success.

CUET, a pivotal examination for students seeking admission to undergraduate programs in Indian universities, demands rigorous preparation and strategic planning. Recognizing the significance of this examination in shaping students' academic futures, ExamFactor has taken proactive steps to provide comprehensive support through its innovative radio campaign.

Targeting a demographic crucial to the decision-making process, the campaign speaks directly to parents, addressing their concerns and ambitions for their children's educational futures. By highlighting the platform's comprehensive resources, including crash courses and mock tests, the campaign underscores the critical steps towards achieving academic aspirations -revision, testing, and achievement.

"At ExamFactor, we are committed to supporting students in their journey towards academic excellence," said Viney Dua, Product and Growth Head, at ExamFactor. "Our mission with the 'Revise, Test, Achieve' campaign is to empower students and instill confidence, helping them navigate the challenges of CUET preparation. We believe in the potential of every student to excel, and through this campaign, we aim to support them in realizing their academic and professional dreams."

Expanding beyond 93.5FM, the campaign also resonates through Bengal, Delhi NCR, Lucknow, and Patna, leveraging popular channels like Radio Mirchi and Friends FM to ensure widespread reach. Complementing the radio outreach, ExamFactor is enhancing its visibility through targeted print and digital campaigns, aiming to connect with aspirants across various demographics and geographies.

About ExamFactor

In its current form, ExamFactor is a platform dedicated to ensuring guaranteed success in your chosen courses and colleges under CUET UG. By delving into the mindset of the paper setters, we provide comprehensive coverage and value within a short timeframe, thereby securing your success. Unlike other organizations that repurpose content from categories like NEETUG, IIT JEE and CBSE Boards, ExamFactor tailors its questions specifically for CUET UG. We believe in the accessibility of preparation, as one month of focused effort through mocks and crash courses can provide a competitive edge. Our priority lies in delivering content that mirrors the actual exam experience.

User :- Rupali Rani


Mobile:- +917464020339

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