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Hybrid homeschooling pioneer Birla Brainiacs drives the educational revolution with global impact

2024-05-24 10:31:54 Education


Mumbai, India, 9th April 2024: Birla Brainiacs, a pioneer of hybrid homeschooling in India is revolutionizing education across 22 states and 12+ countries worldwide. Birla Brainiacs accomplished outstanding success, with threefold growth not only in India but also in other nations. Over the years, the company has witnessed phenomenal growth, creative teaching strategies, and dedication to personalized learning, Birla Brainiacs is transforming education for a better future.

In the last year, Birla Brainiacs growth is generated by an impressive 60% increase in clicks for homeschooling, along with an impressive retention rate of 73%. In addition, Brainiacs is projecting six to eight times growth as many students will learn from home in the forthcoming school year.

Birla Brainiacs' Introduction of comprehensive learning solutions covering schooling from Nursery to Grade 12, is essential for the company's growth. The platform also provides upskilling courses in Financial Literacy, Coding, and Communicative English, making sure that students have the information and abilities required for success in the modern world.

Nirvaan Birla, Founder of Birla Brainiacs, stated, "Our goal at Birla Brainiacs is to revolutionize education and equip students with the skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We are thrilled to witness the real-time growth of Brainiacs over the past three years, as we continue to broaden our footprint and effectiveness."

Birla Brainiacs is projected to expand and have a far greater impact in the years ahead. "In 2024, we anticipate doubling the number of students benefiting from the Brainiacs platform," stated Muddassar Nazar, CEO of Birla Brainiacs. "Our continued expansion and innovation will allow us to encourage even more students to unleash their full potential and thrive in their schooling journey."

Birla Brainiacs' dedication to personalized instruction is one of its major distinctive features, especially for kids who are neuro-convergent and divergent. Understanding that every student has a different neurological outline, the platform places a strong emphasis on individualized teaching strategies to fit each student's specific needs.

About Birla Brainiacs:

Brainiacs is one of the pioneers of hybrid homeschooling in India and 12+ countries, stimulating collaborative learning through an interactive pedagogy for nursery through 12th-grade students. Founded by Mr. Nirvaan Birla in 2019, the company aims to change the way education and pedagogy are viewed. Brainiacs provides online and hybrid learning choices, balancing guided listening and self-study in collaboration with Birla Open Minds. With 150+ hybrid centers across pan-India, the platform focuses not only on the school curriculum but also offers skill development courses like coding, communicative English, and financial literacy.

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