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2024-04-16 05:51:36 Business

767 is glad to reintroduced the BRC Packaging (issue 6) training PPT presentation kit. The BRC Packaging training presentation is developed by highly qualified ISO experts, professionals, and BRC food packaging consultants. The BRC training presentation slides are useful while taking the training of BRC food packaging training. The BRC food packaging training presentation kit has been used by clients in the UK, USA, and other countries for providing BRC food packaging training to their employees. More than 200 companies worldwide have obtained certification to the new BRC food packaging standard and successfully implemented a Quality Management System in their businesses. The specially created PowerPoint presentation satisfies this requirement.

BRC food packaging training PPT kit includes a total of 274 slides which cover 2 parts Presentation and literature. The Presentation part includes these topic-wise sessions:
- Overview of BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials
- BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials (issue 6) Requirements
- BRC Product Safety Management System Documentation
- Product Safety Principles
- BRC Product Safety Management System Internal Audit
- Steps for Installation of BRC Product Safety Management System
- BRC Packaging Materials (Issue 6) Major Changes
- Workshops For BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials (Issue 6)

Along with a question bank of more than 400 questions based on BRC food packaging regulations, the document offers a written write-up for trainers and participants. BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials, Issue 6, BRC Global Product Safety System documentation, product safety principles, BRC Product Safety Management system installation, and significant changes between Issue 5 and Issue 6 are only a few of the subjects covered in the handouts.

The BRC auditor training kit (issue 6) includes PowerPoint presentations and handouts that are formatted in plain English using Microsoft Word 2007. The kit is created by professionals with more than 25 years of certification consulting experience. The BRC auditor training kit is straightforward to use, simple to understand, and customizable for individual use. The kit is widely distributed throughout the world and utilised by large corporations, guaranteeing client contentment. Verification and evaluation take more than a thousand hours during the preparation phase. Go to to learn more about the BRC packaging training kit.

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