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Zee wins big at the Drivers of Digital Awards & Summit - DOD 2023

2024-04-17 12:00:03 News & Society


In a remarkable gathering of digital marketing enthusiasts, the Drivers of Digital Awards & Summit 2023 took center stage, illuminating the Indian digital marketing landscape with a stellar display of innovation, excellence, and a shared commitment to success. Organized by INKSPELL/Global Trends Forum and ICIC, this event not only set new benchmarks but also ignited a vision for the future of marketing in India.

Under the captivating theme of "Digital Dynamics Unleashed," the event served as a powerful platform for acknowledging and celebrating the incredible achievements of businesses, agencies, and individuals in the digital sphere. It was a testament to the boundless potential within the digital domain and the unstoppable drive of the digital marketing community.

Honoring Excellence:

The highlight of the event was the highly-anticipated awards ceremony, where exceptional talents and pioneering efforts in digital marketing were recognized. The categories included:

Digital Brand of the Year - Zee Bangla
Agency of the Year -Schbang
Best Digital Innovation - Jio Airfiber
Digital Enterprise of the Year - Goldify LLP
Digital Marketer of the Year - Amit Pandey, Growth Marketing Manager, Kotak Mutual Fund
Digital Person of the Year - Twastree Chakravarty - Head - Growth Marketing, Altimetrik
Digital Publisher of the Year - Prabhasakshi

The ceremony was a celebration of creativity, vision, and impactful campaigns that have reshaped the digital landscape.

The esteemed jury panel who picked the winners can be seen here.

Illuminating Insights:

The event witnessed engaging panel discussion by esteemed industry leaders like Ankoor Dasguupta, CMO of Shisham Digital, Shobha Vasudevan, Head - Enterprise Communications and PR of Dell Technologies India, Amiya Swarup Partner, Marketing Advisory Services of Ernst & Young LLP and Nidhi S Mittal, group CEO of Blue Vector. They shared their experiences and insights, providing viewers with valuable takeaways. The discussion dissected the trends, challenges, and opportunities within the dynamic digital realm.

The sharing of knowledge, experiences, and inspiration was the pulse of the event, fostering a collective spirit of growth and innovation.

Charting the Digital Future:

As the curtains came down on the Drivers of Digital Awards & Summit 2023, one fact became abundantly clear: "Digital Dynamics Unleashed" was not just a theme; it was a clarion call to action. The event emphasized the vast potential of digital marketing, uniting creativity, data, and revenue to drive success.

The overwhelming success of the event underscores the dynamic nature of the digital marketing landscape and the unyielding spirit of individuals and organizations committed to redefining the industry's boundaries.

A Resounding Applause:

A heartfelt round of applause goes out to all the winners, participants, and viewrs who transformed this event into a resounding success. The Drivers of Digital Awards & Summit 2023 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of brilliance and innovation within the digital realm. The event was supported by our key Partners including Josh App, One India, Approach Entertainment, Go Spiritual India, 24 Frames Digital, ED Times, Kenscio,, Global Trends Forum & India Creatives Industries Council

As we transition into the future, let's carry forward the spirit of "Digital Dynamics Unleashed." Together, we'll continue to reshape the world of marketing, unlocking new possibilities and opportunities within the dynamic digital sphere.

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