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Farahi Law Firm Announces Support for Victims of Sexual Abuse at California Women's Prison

2024-04-18 10:32:11 Legal / Law


Dublin, California: In response to the harrowing developments at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, Farahi Law Firm, APC, is spearheading a possible mass tort lawsuit to support the victims of systemic sexual abuse within the facility. This action follows the distressing revelations surrounding the prison, notoriously dubbed the "rape club," and the recent FBI raid that has brought these issues to light.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons' decision to remove Warden Art Dulgov and three top managers amidst allegations of sexual abuse and retaliation against inmates marks a pivotal moment in the fight for justice and accountability. Farahi Law Firm stands with the survivors of these heinous acts committed under the guise of authority and trust.

The series of events, including the sentencing of former Warden Ray J. Garcia to 70 months in prison for sexually abusing incarcerated women, underscores a deep-rooted problem within the prison system. With more than 60 women coming forward with allegations of abuse and retaliation, it is clear that systemic change is urgently needed.

Farahi Law Firm is committed to providing legal support and advocacy for the victims of these abuses. We aim to seek justice for those directly affected and instigate meaningful reform within the prison system. We urge any individuals who have experienced or are aware of sexual abuse within the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin to come forward. Your bravery in speaking out can pave the way for healing and change.

For more information or to join the class action lawsuit, don't hesitate to contact Farahi Law Firm at 213-772-4037.

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