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Fire Factory Australia Expands its Range of Fire Protection Equipment

2024-04-19 02:04:42 Business


Fire Factory Australia, a leading provider of fire protection equipment wholesale, is proud to announce the expansion of its product line to better serve the fire safety needs of businesses and individuals across Australia.

When asked about their company, their spokesperson said, �Fire Factory Australia has long been recognized as a trusted supplier of high-quality fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. With a commitment to excellence and safety, the company continually strives to enhance its product offerings and provide customers with the most reliable fire protection solutions available on the market.�

The expansion of Fire Factory Australia's product range includes an extensive selection of fire extinguisher wholesale designed to combat various types of fires effectively. From ABC dry chemical extinguishers to CO2 extinguishers and foam extinguishers, customers can now find a wide range of options to suit their specific fire safety requirements.

�In addition to fire extinguishers, Fire Factory Australia also offers PSA smoke alarm wholesale, essential devices for early fire detection in residential and commercial settings. These smoke alarms are engineered to meet the highest safety standards, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that their properties are equipped with reliable fire detection systems�, added the spokesperson.

With the expansion of its product range, Fire Factory Australia aims to make fire safety more accessible and convenient for businesses and individuals across the country. Whether customers are looking for �fire extinguisher suppliers near me� or seeking wholesale fire protection equipment, Fire Factory Australia is dedicated to providing exceptional products and service.

As a customer-centric company, Fire Factory Australia remains committed to delivering superior quality, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer support. The company's team of fire safety experts is available to assist customers in selecting the right products to meet their specific needs and requirements.

About Company

Fire Factory Australia is a leading provider of fire protection equipment offers a wide product range includes an extensive selection of fire extinguisher designed to combat various types of fires effectively. Visit

Contact Details

Contact Name: Peter Kordabadi

Address: 10 Victoria Street, Smithfield, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2164

Phone Number: +61 2 9756 0087


Company :-Fire Factory Australia

User :- Peter Kordabadi


Phone :-+61 2 9756 0087

Url :-

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