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forpressrelease Rate forpressrelease forpressrelease forpressrelease forpressrelease forpressrelease Has Re-Launched the Updated NABH Accreditation Documents Kit for Small Healthcare Organizations

2024-05-25 04:06:38 Business


Leading supplier of quality management solutions,, is pleased to announce the re-launch of its updated NABH Accreditation Documents Kit as per edition 3, designed especially for small healthcare organizations. The NABH documents kit contains more than 200 editable MS Word files.

NABH accreditation documents kit includes the Hospital Manual, Department wise Manual, Audit checklist, Procedures, Health Safety Procedures, SOPs, Forms and Templates, NABH Audit Checklist, and so on. The Hospital Manual satisfies the NABH 3rd Edition certification requirements by providing an overview of the various departments' systems inside a small healthcare organisation. The Hospital Manual satisfies the NABH 3rd Edition accreditation requirements and is written in simple English language. The Central Sterility Supply Department (CSSD), Emergency Preparedness, Infection Control, Medical Record, and Human Resource Management manuals are among the five manuals that make up the Department-wise Manual.

The System Procedures offer a methodical way to standardise hospital operations. Nine procedures are provided by the Health and Safety Procedures to assist small healthcare organizations in streamlining their operations. Eight committees that will be constituted in hospitals are given sample duties and tasks in the Hospital Committee Book. The NABH Accreditation Standards for Small Healthcare Organizations (3rd edition, August 2022) serve as the basis for more than 500 customizable internal auditing questions found in the NABH Audit Checklists. The department keeps fifty Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that address a range of topics, including patient education and rights, continuity care, assessment, patient care, and ongoing quality improvement.

Small healthcare organizations (SHCO) can prepare documents more quickly and affordably by using the customisable, user-friendly templates provided by the Hospital accreditation documentation Kit. The kit contains good hospital practices concepts and outlines a baseline system that complies with NABH Accreditation Standards for Small Healthcare Organisations, Third Edition. After payment, a soft copy of the editable documentation kit is sent. An accomplished group of NABH Certification experts worked for almost a thousand hours to prepare the kit. The kit guarantees that hospitals and small healthcare organizations can obtain accreditation from the most reputable certifying authority; all of the content has undergone multiple stages of verification and evaluation.

With the help of the easily navigable NABH Accreditation documentation kit, small healthcare organizations can produce micro-level documentation within three days. They offer a detailed list of documents covered in the product as well free sample documents, online buy option that makes it more affordable and popular in global market too. For more about the small healthcare accreditation kit, visit here:

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