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2024-05-25 03:24:15 Business

340 is delighted to Re-Introduce the ISO 29993 Documents and Training Templates. All of the components of learning services outside of formal schooling are covered by the editable documents. The ISO 29993 standard addresses the technology and procedures utilized in the management of learning services that are not affiliated with conventional education. For companies offering the services, Global Manager Group offers a training kit and set of ready-to-use ISO 29993 documentation. The kit contains templates for fast certification, instructions, and required documents. Expert ISO consultants created an editable training PowerPoint that auditors and consultants use to train staff members or clients.

The ISO 29993 Documents and Training Kit consists of fifty editable Word documents that are based on the Learning Service Management standard. The ISO 29993 materials include a quality manual, twelve necessary processes, and four exhibits. Although the ISO 29993 Procedures document covers every detail, the ISO 29993 Manual provides clause-by-clause information on the system that has been put into place. The collection also includes 29 sample templates and forms for setting up control and keeping ISO 29993 records. Internal auditors can use a job description file that lists the requirements of the standard and the ISO 29993 Audit Checklist, which has over 100 audit questions, to confirm that requirements are met.

The training presentation's PowerPoint slides, which include requirements, documented information, installation procedures, and learning services outside of formal education, are made to satisfy ISO 29993:2017 standards. A literature in Word files containing chapters, workshops, and case studies is also included.

The user-friendly and simple-to-understand documentation produced by ISO 29993:2017 reduces preparation time and expenses. The standard ISO 29993:2017 covers continuous improvement procedures in non-formal education provider organizations, and it defines the baseline learning service outside of formal education. Following purchase, an editable soft copy of the instruction manual and training kit is sent via email. Easy-to-use processes, standard operating procedures (SOPs), forms, and an ISO 29993 manual are all included in the kit to assist businesses in meeting ISO 29993 compliance standards. An accomplished group of ISO 29993 specialists worked on the preparation for more than a thousand hours, checking and assessing its contents on different levels. With the package, businesses all over the world can obtain ISO 29993 Certification from any certifying authority.

Users can edit templates and finish the required documentation in three days with the ISO 29993 documentation kit. It guarantees that a micro-level system satisfies the most recent specifications and offers a preview of all documents before purchase. The kit provides assurance and enhances the system for learning service providers outside of formal education by covering all of the ISO 29993:2017 standard's sections and subsections. For more, visit here:

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Global Manager Group provides a variety of consulting services, including quality management, environmental management systems, food safety systems, information security systems, and occupational health and safety management systems. Global Manager Group has established itself as a leading brand among ISO consultants worldwide due to its expertise in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP - Codex Document, and other areas. Global Manager Group is a trusted management and ISO-certified consultant in India, with over 1800 clients. The firm operates a prominent web platform that sells pre-made materials and training presentations for a variety of worldwide systems and management certifications.

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