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Karnataka Digital Economy Mission Teams Up with GCC Workplace Awards As Strategic Partner

2024-05-24 11:18:48 Business


Bengaluru, 19/03/2024: The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission has joined hands with GCC Workplace Awards as a strategic partner in a strategic move to promote innovation and excellence in the workplace. This collaboration signifies a union of shared values and goals aimed at boosting innovation and excellence in workplaces across the region.

The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, initiated by the Karnataka government, is dedicated to driving digital transformation and fostering innovation-driven economic growth. By partnering with the GCC Workplace Awards, the mission aims to amplify its efforts to promote a culture of innovation and excellence within organisations operating in Karnataka and beyond.

The GCC Workplace Awards, renowned for recognising organisations that excel in creating exceptional work environments conducive to productivity, creativity, and employee well-being, welcomes the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission as a strategic partner. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in both entities� endeavours to promote innovation and cultivate thriving work cultures.

For more information about the GCC Workplace Awards, visit:

Company :-Workplace Awards

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