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HathMe launches B2M Mobile App for Delivery Services

2024-05-25 12:07:30 Business


HathMe, a DelhiNCR-based quick-commerce platform, has launched the HathMe Food Delivery App to cater to the requirements of people in the Delhi NCR region. With an aim to change the face of e-commerce and q-commerce businesses and provide employment opportunities, HathMe is rolling out many perks on its platform for merchants, customers, and delivery partners.

At the current stage, HathMe has joined hands with over 8,000 restaurants in Delhi NCR and it is expanding rapidly. HathMe wants to extend its services all over India and is working accordingly. It understands the �Indianness� of Indians, and therefore, it is trying to be the most cost-effective food delivery app. This makes it easier for customers to stick to their monthly budget by not paying high prices each time they order food online.

Opportunities for Local Merchants and Delivery Partners

HathMe is creating opportunities for local merchants in Delhi NCR by allowing them to register on the app for free. HathMe is attracting merchants with its irresistible perks like free food delivery and lower commission rates, which may go up to merely 20% (all inclusive of GST), even at its highest. HathMe does not believe in holding on to the earnings of merchants for long and releases them just after four days. Merchants will be able to withdraw their earnings from HathMe Wallet.

It has created excellently flexible job opportunities for merchants. HathMe offers full-time and part-time job opportunities for delivery partners. This makes it possible for them to work according to their convenience. This also opens up doors for already employed people to earn extra income by working on weekends. The cost of living is sky-rocketing and people are struggling to fulfil their necessities and demands. Flexibility in jobs is the demand of the hour, and HathMe understands that.

How Merchants Can Take Full Advantage of The Benefits Provided By HathMe

Merchants are being given a platform that will help them build a brand out for their businesses. However, there are plenty of things merchants will have to keep a lookout for if they want their customers to stick to them. First and foremost, restaurant owners must take care of the hygiene and packaging of food. They must make sure that the packaging is such that the food does not spill while being delivered. They also must pack fresh and warm food; otherwise, their reputation will be tarnished. They must use safe food ingredients and maintain consistency in taste. If merchants take care of these factors, then they can build an identity for themselves and restaurants in no time.

How Customers Can Take Full Advantage of the HathMe Food Delivery App

The HathMe food delivery app has a plethora of food options for its users. You will be required to follow a few simple steps: browsing the menu, choosing what you want to eat, and finally placing the order. For payments, you will be provided with many options, such as UPI, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery. Following the payment, HathMe�s food delivery partner will deliver the food in a very short time.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, HathMe is allowing merchants to own a greater part of their profits by levying minimum charges on them. This will keep the prices of dishes very reasonable; hence, customers will be receiving great quality at rather cheap prices.

HathMe as a Pioneer in B2M Business in India

HathMe is India�s first business-to-market q-commerce platform which has brought along with it many features that have shaken up the industry quite a bit. The industry is crowded, and to make a place for oneself, one must be willing to put in great effort and with a pinch of unconventionality. A business has to be appealing and better than the existing ones to attract customers. Launching a caricature of pre-existing businesses will harm your business, let alone grow it.

HathMe has prioritised merchants and customers and built a model that will be in their best interest.

We can come to the conclusion that HathMe has something for everybody: business owners, customers, or job seekers. It is creating a harmonious ecosystem for business growth. Merchants will receive huge profits, and customers will experience buyer�s satisfaction. How does it feel when you buy something of amazing quality at a very affordable price? Great! Right? That is what HathMe is offering you. Quality service at affordable prices. HathMe will not be limited to just food delivery but will go beyond it and include several other important items like clothing items, footwear, accessories, groceries, FMCG products, home appliances, electronic appliances, medicines, toys, and more.
HathMe Trading and Technology Private Limited has rolled out three applications on the Google Play Store: one for merchants, one for customers, and one for delivery partners.

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