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Park+ Survey 2024 Reveals Road Rage, Parking Issues & FASTag deactivation are top three anxiety triggers for Bengaluru car owners

2024-05-24 07:59:27 News & Society


Bengaluru, 13 March 2024: Park+ a super app for car owners, which hosts India\'s largest community of car owners on its app - 1.5Cr cars, today announced key findings from its Bengaluru-centric survey. The survey was answered by 22,000 Bengaluru car owners and was undertaken to understand anxiety triggers for car owners driving on Bengaluru roads. Bengaluru recently surpassed Delhi to claim the title of the top Indian city with the highest number of private cars.

The survey revealed that 57% of car owners in Bengaluru have experienced some sort of road rage in the last 6 months, while 63% struggle to find a legal & safe parking spot for their cars, and 22% expressed anxiety over the deactivation of their FASTag (considering the current turmoil).

Road rage emerged as the foremost trigger for anxiety amongst Bengaluru car owners. The main causes of road rage are frequent traffic jams, congested roads, inadequate infrastructure, two-wheelers swerving between cars and buses, disregard for traffic laws (i.e., speeding, illegal parking, wrong-side driving), and aggressive driving behaviors such as honking, tailgating, and cutting off other vehicles. These factors contribute to the overall stress and anxiety experienced by car owners while navigating Bengaluru\'s roads.

Car parking continues to be a major concern for car owners in Bengaluru, with limited parking spaces leading to frustration and anxiety. Additionally, the lack of proper enforcement of parking rules exacerbates the problem, causing further stress for drivers in the city. Furthermore, the lack of designated legal parking areas in busy commercial areas adds to the chaos and congestion on the roads. This combination of factors contributes to the daily traffic gridlock that plagues Bengaluru, making commuting a nightmare for car owners.

The current flux seen in the FASTag ecosystem- renewed KYC deadline and FASTag deactivations, has led to some confusion amongst car owners. This added complication only adds to the frustration and stress of car owners, making commuting even more challenging for car owners who cross tolls on a regular basis.

Commenting on the findings, Amit Lakhotia, Founder & CEO, Park+, said, \"At Park+ our main business objective is to bring delight back to car ownership. This Bengaluru-centric survey is a step in the same direction to understand the pain points/gaps for car owners and attempt to bridge these gaps for them. As part of our endeavor to solve the top three pain points for car owners in Bengaluru which include- Road Rage, Parking Issues & FASTag deactivation. We have launched- Offense Reporter services on our app to counter traffic violations and road rage. Additionally, we today host over 2.5 lakh legal and safe parking spots on our app, wherein users can discover, pre-book, and pay for a legal parking spot on the Park+ app. Furthermore, we are also working with relevant FASTag issuing partners to educate users about FASTag buying/renewal/recharge, etc. We will continue to invest our energies in enhancing the car ownership experience for car owners, throughout the life cycle of their car and look forward to partnering with other external stakeholders to support us in this endeavor.\"

Commenting on the survey findings, Hitesh Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO, Park+, said, \"We at Park+ are actively working on the challenges that car owners face on a daily basis. Our goal is to simplify the car ownership experience and provide app-first services like pre-booking a parking spot, discover a car dealer near you, FASTag related services, car valet and much more. Additionally, we have launched \"Offense Reporter\", an in-app offering that allows users to report a traffic offense on the Park+ app. With over 5000+ traffic offenses reported on our app, we aim to revolutionize road safety through user vigilance. The forum ensures a seamless experience to share and engage in meaningful discussions about the correct way of driving on the road. Through such initiatives, we aim to promote road safety and accountability among drivers, ultimately creating a more harmonious driving environment for all. The positive response from our users demonstrates the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in addressing road rage and ensuring smoother traffic management\".

Commenting on the findings, Akhilesh Srivastava, Road Safety Ambassador-IRF, IT Advisor ITDA, and President ITS INDA FORUM, said, \"The findings from the Park+ Car Ownership Survey 2024 shed light on critical concerns. The data reveals a pressing need for increased awareness and education on road safety practices to reduce incidents of road rage and enhance overall traffic flow. Implementing targeted interventions based on these insights will be crucial in fostering a safer and more efficient driving culture. Road rage, parking woes, and FASTag deactivation emerge as paramount anxiety triggers for car owners in Bengaluru. This survey is a reflection of the ground realities. It underscores the importance of addressing these issues promptly to ensure a better driving experience for all. Collaborative efforts between authorities, car owners, and relevant stakeholders will be essential in addressing these concerns effectively\".

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