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Epoch Elder Care launches its 2nd assisted living home in Pune

2024-07-20 04:08:35 Home and Family


06 March 2024: Epoch Elder Care, an expert in assisted living and dementia care services in India, announced the launch of "Epoch Picasso House" in Undri, Pune. With its second assisted living home in Pune, this expansion is a step forward in implementing Epoch's mission to provide holistic, person-centered care that enables elders to have the highest quality of life. The new home is a perfect blend of comfort, care, and warmth, designed for elders who require assistance in their activities of daily living or have chronic medical conditions.

With over 10 years of relevant experience in India, Epoch has been at the forefront of elder care, and has offered its services to over 400 seniors in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Pune. Epoch homes are adeptly equipped with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for its elderly residents who require extra attention and care. In light of this expansion, "Epoch Picasso House" being the 2nd assisted living home in Pune and 5th home in India, Epoch now can offer its services to more than 100 elders across India. The offerings include long-term and short-term services such as 24x7 basic and skilled nursing care, palliative care, Parkinson's disease care, dementia care, recovery & rehabilitation that enable seniors to live meaningful lives.

The "Epoch Picasso House'', located north of Undri Pune, is nestled on a hilltop, away from the chaotic rhythms of the city, making it perfect for elders. The facility has 27 rooms with both single and double occupancy ensuring a home like environment for close and supervised care. Surrounded by lush greenery, the house offers affable weather, a holistic care approach, and a soothing environment. The facility is located nearly 300 meters away from Nyati wind chimes and has guest accommodations close by for visiting families. In addition, the team at Epoch Picasso House consists of facility manager, senior nurses, care attendants, counselors, geriatricians, neurologists, physiotherapists, F&B managers, and housekeeping staff who are dedicated to providing personalized care and support

Epoch is also expecting to announce the launch of another assisted living facility in Delhi NCR in March. (stay tuned for more information)

Speaking of this phase of expansion in Pune, Neha Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of Epoch Elder Care said, "We are always focusing on providing holistic care to all our residents, which remains the most important aspect of our core ideology. In Maharashtra, the 2nd highest number of elders living are in Pune which is over 720,000, (nearly 7.2% of the total population of Maharashtra), which presents a need for options or resources for the care of elders dealing with chronic conditions. She further added, the stages of progression in dementia for each individual are different and at Epoch, our focus is on enhancing the quality of life of our residents while also focusing on their medical condition. The entire outlook is to focus on both physical and mental health."

"Amidst the growing demand from elderly citizens, Pune's senior care landscape has witnessed remarkable expansion, striving to meet the evolving needs of our aging population. Over the past decade, Epoch has stood at the forefront of this transformative journey in India, pioneering solutions that bridge the gap between the intricate requirements of older individuals and the constraints of modern lifestyles. With expertise in assisted living and dementia care, Epoch has consistently made a profound impact on the lives of elders and their families, infusing each interaction with remarkable zest and dedication. Now, as Epoch unveils its 2nd and larger assisted living facility in Pune, the organization continues its mission of geographic expansion while elevating the standards of care nationwide". Rohit Bhayana, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Lumis Partners, aptly emphasizes that partnering with Epoch is our commitment to society's evolving dynamics and a profound respect for the dignity and well-being of our elders.

"Recognizing the pressing demand for expert assisted living and elder care, especially in light of the growing elderly population in Pune and Maharashtra, this stride symbolizes a harmonious union of vision and purpose.

At the inception of the well known Nyati Group joining hands with Epoch Elder Care for the launch of Epoch Picasso House, at Undri, Pune, I am delighted to emphasize our shared vision and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our society as well as of the senior care industry.

The Nyati Group's mission, focusing on creating functionally efficient, high-quality landmark real estate across the city, aligns seamlessly with the essence of this alignment of thoughts.

Together, we aim not only to construct structures but to craft homes that aim to fulfill the needs of the elders and setting new benchmarks in the senior care industry for elderly well-being." - Mr. Nitin Nyati, Chairman and Managing Director of Nyati Group.

Thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on elderly-friendly infrastructure, Epoch Picasso House offers a spacious and serene environment. Its modern, multilevel design includes a terrace dining area with scenic views to make our residents feel closer to nature. Noteworthy is the elder-friendly design, prioritizing accessibility without compromising their dignity. Additionally, the strategic location ensures proximity to the nearest healthcare facility, underscoring a commitment to prompt and efficient healthcare services for its residents.

About Epoch Elder Care:

Epoch Elder Care was founded in 2012, which specializes in providing dementia care services and premium assisted living for elders with more than 10 years of relevant experience, having served over 400+ seniors in Delhi NCR, Mumbai & Pune. Epoch provides premium assisted living facility homes for elders with specialized needs, focused on conditions such as dementia, Parkinson's, stroke, COPD and other chronic conditions. These homes are for elders who require assistance in their activities of daily living - for long term & short term stay.
Owing to its person-centered philosophy of care Epoch focuses on the person as much as the medical condition.

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