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Goibibo commemorates Women's Day 2024 with the launch of a digital film #BreakTheCage

2024-05-25 02:54:53 News & Society


Goibibo commemorates Women's Day 2024 with the launch of a digital film #BreakTheCage. The film serves as a powerful call to action for women, reminding them to take charge, break free, and smash through the everyday barriers of permission, expectation and control.

Often, women pick their battles and forgo their agency for smaller issues in order to fight for causes that are more dominant in their lives. Goibibo uses the travel context and the metaphorical 'cage' as a real prop to illustrate a few of these - including the choice of clothes on a beach, the idea of solo travel and so on. The brand champions the spirit of empowerment and liberation, encouraging women to embrace their freedom and un-condition themselves from these societal limitations that are anything but banal.

About Goibibo: 

Goibibo provides options for flight ticketing, hotel bookings, train ticketing, bus ticketing, inter-city cabs, and ancillary travel offerings. Through its mobile app and website, travellers can search, plan, and book a wide range of travel services. The brand's core differentiator is in the value-based and traveller-first offerings that promise an elevated user experience and superior value for all travellers.

Company :-Avian WE

User :- Suhani Bakshi


Mobile:- +91 9131132281

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