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Sentro Pharma is excited to announce the New Pharma Product launch in India 2024

2024-04-19 12:49:50 Health and Fitness


Sentro Pharma, a renowned pharmaceutical company committed to improving healthcare globally, is pleased to announce the much-awaited launch of its latest collection of modern medicines in India. Sentro Pharma highlights the top 5 most anticipated drug launches of 2024 innovative medications that are intended to change the standard of care in an array of fields of therapy, with an emphasis on fulfilling urgent healthcare requirements while optimizing patient outcomes.

The primary product featured in this innovative release is rosuvastatin 40mg, an effective medication designed to lower the risk of cardiovascular events and combat high cholesterol levels. With a strong research basis and significant clinical trial expertise, rosuvastatin 40mg provides patients with an accurate way to regulate cholesterol levels to improve heart health, leading them to live longer, healthier lives.
A recent addition to the product range is Voglisentro 0.3 MD Tablet, an effective formulation developed to successfully treat respiratory disorders. The Voglisentro 0.3 MD Tablet is an important step in respiratory care, providing those with a greater feeling of comfort and wellness. It is intended to provide prompt relief from symptoms such as dyspnea and bronchospasm.

Sentro Pharma also offers Parosen 12.5mg, a cutting-edge drug meant to treat hypertension and reduce associated symptoms. Parosen 12.5mg is a core ingredient in the treatment of high cholesterol levels owing to its powerful yet safe formulation, ensuring patients a reliable means to maintain appropriate blood pressure control and enhance overall cardiovascular health.

Additionally, Sentro Pharma offers Telmisartan 80 mg/Glimsentro-PG1, an original combination of prescriptions that is carefully developed for managing type 2 diabetes and hypertension at the exact same time. By deploying the proven hypertension characteristics of telmisartan alongside the distinctive glucose-lowering effects of Glimsentro-PG1, this drug offers patients an integrated strategy to treat both illnesses at the same time. This could speed up the process and improve the effectiveness of therapy.
Sentro Pharma's Naveen Rao, Founder, said, ""We are delighted to introduce these contemporary drugs to the Indian market."" ""At Sentro Pharma, we are motivated by an unchanging belief in development and effectiveness, and these emerging offerings reinforce our genuine dedication to enhancing the treatment of patients as well as advancing healthcare results.""

Sentro Pharma continues to affirm its leadership in the pharmaceutical industry by launching these outstanding pharmaceuticals that solve neglected health needs and allow individuals to live better, more rewarding lives. Sentro Pharma is lifelong in its goal to greatly enhance the health and well-being of people worldwide by upholding its values of rational thinking and compassionate care."

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