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V-retail Product Launched

2024-04-23 09:08:15 Technology


Introducing V-Retail, an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product intended to change the sales landscape.
Ink In Caps, a leading MarTech Studio known for its tech-first interactive & immersive solutions, launched V-retail as an AI-powered virtual sales tool to help brands build real-time connect with their website visitors through chat. voice and video call.

Leveraging a wide range of innovative features, like live video conferencing, app-free/plugin free web-integration, AI-powered advanced analytics, remote control assistance, cross-device & cross-browser support along with its host of services that improve customer conversions and experience instantly.

In the current digital revolution realm, boosting sales while effectively interacting with consumers and achieving conversions is becoming more and more difficult for the sales team.

The developers of V-retail understood the core difficulties that sales teams across industries encounter when they are cold-calling leads which include inefficient lead generation and the bandwidth issue that customers face while connecting from remote locations.

They kept these gaps at the core and developed this advanced sales software that supports variable bandwidth, is mobile-friendly, and connects the sales team with the potential leads who are already interested in their product/service instead of them cold-calling 100s of people everyday.

The head of Product Development at IIC said,�V-Retail provides sales professionals with the tools they need for success in today's highly-competitive marketplace and enables them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With features like AI-powered analytics and live video conferencing, V-Retail revolutionizes the sales process, allowing businesses to increase growth and maximize revenue.�

Join V-Retail and Step into the Future of Sales

Sales experts and companies are invited by Ink In Caps to join V-Retail in the future of sales.

Understand how V-Retail will elevate your relations with prospects, improve sales performance, and open up new growth prospects.

Visit or get in touch with 022-68493501 to find out more about V-Retail and to schedule a demo.

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