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RX Japan Rockets into Space Industry with Its Debut Space Exhibition, SPEXA

2024-04-19 11:02:41 Technology


RX Japan, renowned as Japan's premier exhibition organizer, is proud to announce the launch of SPEXA, the Space Business Expo, slated to take place from April 24-26, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.

SPEXA, dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation in the space industry, stands as a testament to Japan's commitment to advancing space exploration and technology. With the theme "Bridging Japan and the World's Space Business," SPEXA aims to unite global companies and professionals in the pursuit of space-related opportunities.

The decision to launch SPEXA stems from the tremendous potential of the space sector, which is projected to reach a market value of $1 trillion (140 trillion yen) by 2040. RX Japan anticipates that SPEXA will play a pivotal role in driving growth and establishing Japan as a key player in the global space industry.

"We extend an invitation to all those who are interested in advancing the space business or exploring new opportunities to join us and engage with exhibitors specializing in pivotal areas including development support, satellite data utilization, and space-related services," said Hajime Suzuki, Executive Officer for Global Relations at RX Japan.

Unlike other space-related events focused on conferences, research, and development, SPEXA seeks to transcend boundaries by bridging the gap between the space industry and other mainstream sectors. By transforming the space industry into a vibrant business arena, SPEXA aims to unlock new opportunities and drive innovation across various industries.

To achieve this, SPEXA will feature a diverse array of exhibitors, including leading Japanese startups and businesses exploring space-related ventures. With a focus on showcasing cutting-edge products, technologies, and services, SPEXA will facilitate collaborations between stakeholders from different sectors, fostering healthy competition and driving industry growth.

Key exhibitors are eager to leverage SPEXA as a platform to propel their space initiatives forward and foster synergies within the global space community.

One of the confirmed exhibitors, AXELSPACE, a pioneer of micro-satellites technology that has developed and operated 9 satellites, �anticipates contributing to the realization of 'Space within Your Reach' and the infrastructure development of space� at SPEXA.

Dymon, a developer of lunar exploration and ground robots and education and entertainment services, also has high hopes for SPEXA �to accelerate space ventures, becoming a stage where various industries thrive in space.�

Synspective, a provider of one-stop-solutions by satellite-gathered geospatial data, also hopes for SPEXA �to become a platform for generating synergies towards further evolution,� as the event will welcome participants from the rapidly expanding global space industry.

Visitors can expect to explore over 100 space-related solutions across three exhibition areas: Development and Infrastructure Support, Satellite Data and Space Utilization, and Related Services.

SPEXA offers invaluable networking opportunities for individuals and organizations, including key decision makers like executives and government officials, keen on exploring the vast potential of space technology.

This union of a diverse range of exhibitors in the space industry and visitors from both the public and private sectors will foster fruitful partnerships that will help the space market grow. SPEXA will host networking events that will ignite collaborations and create cross-industry connections.

In collaboration with Mr. Nobutaka Komatsu, a distinguished venture capitalist specializing in the space sector, RX Japan aims to deliver insightful seminars and conferences aimed at promoting the growth of space-related businesses.

SPEXA will feature a series of conferences led by industry experts, covering topics ranging from earth observation to rocket manufacturing. Plus, attendees will be given a chance to participate in discussions led by esteemed leaders in the space industry. Some of the confirmed speakers include Fumiharu Namiki of IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd., Naruo Kanemoto of Space Shift Corporation, and Yu Okuizumi of Pasco Corporation.

In addition to the conferences, exhibitors like WARP Space, Astroscale, Innovative Space Carrier Inc., and Institute For Q-shu Pioneers Of Space, Inc. will host informative sessions, providing attendees with deeper insights into the latest advancements in space technology.

SPEXA is all set to become the global business center hub, uniting industry companies and professionals in the space industry and various sectors from around the world.

RX Japan invites you to become a part of this momentous exhibition on April 24-26, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. Register now to explore the limitless possibilities the space industry offers.

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