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IndoSpine Hospital Highlights Causes and Treatment Options for Spinal Cord Injuries

2024-04-20 04:42:50 Health and Fitness


IndoSpine Hospital, the best spine hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, led by Dr. Tarak Patel, is leading spine healthcare from the front. Spine specialists at IndoSpine Hospital offer a comprehensive treatment that begins with appropriate consultation and evaluation, followed by pain/symptom management and necessary treatment.

While the hospital provides excellent care for spinal conditions of varying conditions, they are particularly known to provide excellent treatment for spinal cord injuries. A representative of the hospital explained spinal cord injuries as, SCI, commonly known as spinal cord injury, is a result of damage to the spinal cord - a group of nerve fibers allowing the brain to establish communication with other nerves of your body. We categorize these injuries on the basis of location and severity, and for appropriate diagnosis and in-depth information, it is best to visit our spine specialists.

They further highlighted the causes and treatment options available. SCIs can occur due to several reasons, some of which are:

1. Motor vehicle accidents
2. Unintended falls or slips
3. Sports-related or violence-related injuries
4. Conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia
5. Spinal tumors and cancers
6. Spinal cord infections
7. Fluid-filled cavities or cysts in the spinal cord
8. Lack of or abnormal blood flow to the spinal cord
9. Genetic and inflammatory or autoimmune conditions
10. Congenital spinal conditions and electrocution

The treatment for spinal cord injuries depends on several factors, including the severity and location of the injury. However, the methods are inclusive of:

1. Medications to reduce inflammation and swelling around the spinal cord.
2. Traction to reduce the movement around the affected area.
3. Surgery to ease pressure on the spinal cord and treat damages from SCI.
4. Halos, braces, splints, or other support devices to keep the injuries stable.
5. Neuroprotective treatment approach to prevent or limit the damage from the initial injury.
6. Induced hypothermia to reduce swelling and inflammation. This treatment also slows down the damage to spine tissues.
7. Neuroregenerative treatment to help damaged nerve or spinal cord tissue repair itself.

Spinal cord injuries require immediate medical attention, and in case of any red flags, it is best to see a spinal cord specialist in Ahmedabad at IndoSpine Hospital. Apart from SCI, you can also visit IndoSpine Hospital for other factors affecting your spinal health.

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