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Morgan Marine Announces Exclusive Sale of the Jeanneau NC 37 Comfort Cruiser in Essex

2024-04-13 11:48:07 Business


Essex, UK - Morgan Marine, a stalwart in the Essex marine industry, is thrilled to announce the sale of the Jeanneau NC 37, a yacht that epitomizes comfort cruising. With over 50 years of service, Morgan Marine continues to offer an unparalleled boating experience through its comprehensive range of services, including boat sales, Marine Engineering Essex, and chandlery.

About Morgan Marine

Since its inception in 1972, Morgan Marine has established itself as a family-run beacon in the marine industry, renowned for its personalized service and commitment to customer satisfaction. From new and used boat sales to a well-equipped chandlery, Morgan Marine stands as a one-stop-shop for all boating needs.

The Jeanneau NC 37 for sale Overview

The Jeanneau NC 37, nestled comfortably between the NC 33 and NC 14 models, is designed for those who seek a seamless blend of comfort and cruising capability. Its nomination for the European Powerboat of the Year Awards 2019 underscores its pedigree and appeal to boating enthusiasts.

Unique Selling Points of the Jeanneau NC 37

This yacht is a haven of comfort on the water, boasting an apartment-like design with a seamless interior layout that eliminates steps between the saloon and galley. The hull, crafted by the esteemed Michael Peters, ensures secure and reliable handling at sea, building on Jeanneau�s legendary seaworthy qualities.

Morgan Marine's Personalized Service

Morgan Marine prides itself on its in-house process, from the initial order through to delivery, ensuring that each Jeanneau NC 37 meets the exact specifications of its owner. With a plethora of customization options available, each vessel can be tailored to reflect the individual tastes and requirements of its new owner.

Community and Lifestyle Benefits at Morgan Marine

Located in the idyllic Brightlingsea, Morgan Marine offers boaters not just a yacht but a lifestyle. The proximity to local amenities and the town center enhances the boating experience, supported by an extensive chandlery and clothing store that caters to all boating needs.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

The cornerstone of Morgan Marine's ethos is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This is exemplified through comprehensive post-sale support, including detailed handover and training, ensuring new owners are well-acquainted with their Jeanneau NC 37.

Special Offers and Finance Options

To make boat ownership more accessible, Morgan Marine offers competitive finance options through CGI Finance. Additionally, there are always enticing special offers and promotions available for the Jeanneau NC 37, adding an extra incentive for potential buyers.

Testimonials and Customer Experiences

Morgan Marine's reputation is bolstered by glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, reflecting the positive experiences with both the company and the Jeanneau NC 37. These personal stories build trust and confidence among prospective buyers.

Call to Action

Morgan Marine invites boating enthusiasts to visit their Essex location for a firsthand look at the Jeanneau NC 37. This is an opportunity to experience the exceptional customer service that Morgan Marine is renowned for.


The Jeanneau NC 37 represents the pinnacle of comfort cruising, supported by Morgan Marine's comprehensive services and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Boaters are encouraged to explore this exquisite yacht and experience the Morgan Marine difference firsthand.

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