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The Omnia Group Releases 2024 Annual Talent Trends Survey Report

2024-04-14 01:28:54 Business


Tampa, FL, February 22, 2024: The Omnia Group, a talent assessment company specializing in hiring and employee development, has just released its third annual Talent Trends Survey Report titled Reimagine Your Talent Strategies: Insights to Navigate the Fast-Evolving Landscape in 2024. Omnia surveyed 388 companies across 21 different industries, functions, and hierarchies to offer critical, actionable insights to help organizations retain valuable talent in 2024 and beyond.

The survey covers topics such as hiring, employee turnover, employee engagement, career development, retention, and the use of AI-powered tools in talent initiatives. The data primarily reflects talent trends in small and medium businesses, with 67% of respondents from companies with less than 500 employees.

With this survey, Omnia aims to help companies develop a competitive advantage with people-centric strategies that drive organizational stability and growth. They have blended their survey findings with the trends observed and published by other experts to offer comprehensive insight.

If you�re looking to help your company make informed talent decisions, build a culture that attracts and retains top talent, and create a thriving work environment for your employees, we recommend reading The Omnia Group�s annual Talent Trends Survey Report.

In this year�s report, the third edition of the survey, you�ll find comparative data and critical observations from the past three years. Keather Snyder, The Omnia Group�s President and Chief Operating Officer, said, �We have seen businesses undergo significant changes in the last few years, and our survey records its impact on talent. I am sure you�ll enjoy this special report with the year-on-year trend and notable observations from these three years.�

�Labor shortages, economic uncertainties, rampant burnout among employees, and anxieties and opportunities presented by GenAI have kept leaders on their toes since the COVID-19 pandemic. These constant disruptions and realignment have left leaders and employees seeking stability. Our survey has uncovered the lowest annual average turnover rate in the past three years, reflecting this desire for stability. You�ll find the trend that employees want to stay with the company longer if you offer a conducive work environment,� Keather added.

The survey shows a continued trend of companies using assessments primarily for determining employees� personality and behavioral traits, job or technical skills, and computer skills. With generative AI being the talk of the town, the survey uncovers that 26% of the participating companies are already capitalizing on AI-powered tools for talent strategies. Most companies are using them for recruitment, hiring/selection, and interviewing. Workplace analytics and employee development are other areas where AI-powered tools are being embraced.

This year�s Talent Trends Survey Report has encouraging findings, including a steady labor market and the likelihood of a recession appearing lower. Bringing the right talent to the company and providing growth and development opportunities to all employees add to building a stable work environment. The Omnia Group�s scientifically designed and validated assessments, benchmarks, and suite of reports play a crucial role in helping organizations achieve that.

Keather added, �We are so proud to present the 3-year insight into talent trends. It is inspiring to see the growing trust of our clients and partner community in our annual Talent Trends Survey Report, with participation increasing each year. We are confident that the insights from this report will help leaders build a positive company culture and improve talent retention in the years in the future.�

You can get your copy of The Omnia Group�s annual Talent Trends Survey Report - Reimagine Your Talent Strategies: Insights to Navigate the Fast-Evolving Landscape in 2024 by clicking here.

About The Omnia Group, Inc.

Through a simple yet sophisticated behavioral assessment, Omnia empowers HR and business leaders to continuously grow, develop and inspire their workforce. Omnia offers a variety of insightful reports, resources, and tools to help leaders understand, empower, and evolve their people.

Founded in 1985 by husband and wife, John and Heather Caswell, Omnia was one of the first to pioneer behavioral analysis in the workplace and quickly became one of the most relied-on pre-employment and developmental assessment companies in the U.S. Omnia takes pride in their ability to help clients hire and retain employees using assessments during the selection and development processes.

If you�re interested in learning more about Omnia, you can visit or contact their team at or by calling 800-525-7117.

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