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Aura Science Of Wellness introduces the Alkaline Water Ionizer machines that produces Hydrogen Rich, Reduced size, Alkaline Ionized Water

2024-04-18 10:36:44 Lifestyle


In recent years, the popularity of alkaline water ionizers has surged, with proponents claiming a myriad of health benefits.

Water and the Human Body
The human body is made of between 70-75% water e.g. the brain is 80% water, Bone 13%, Kidney 82%, Muscle 75% and Blood 90%, It is evidently clear that water is most important consideration in keeping us healthy.

How Healthy is our water?
Bottled Water � It is not necessary that bottled water is healthy water. The only advantage is the added minerals but this does not have any proven health benefits. Most of the bottled water has a pH level below 7.2 which means it is slightly acidic in nature.

RO Water � The water processed through Reverse Osmosis loses all types of minerals both good as well as bad. The water pH falls below 7.2 and it becomes more acidic than bottled water.

Tap Water � The water supplied by local municipal authority is neutral in most of the cases, however, tap water sometimes becomes contaminated with germs and chemicals while water is traveling through the distribution system. The pH is likely to drop further due to contamination, which results in the same acidity problem.

Consuming acidic water (pH below 7.2) on a regular basis leads to acidity which is one of the root causes of major known health diseases.

Would you knowingly drink acidic water?
No one would knowingly continue to drink acidic water that can damage your DNA, lead to many diseases and put your precious life in danger. So what is the solution? Well, it�s time you looked into an upgrade of your drinking water. Give yourself and all your near and dear ones the gift of healthy water and say goodbye to that unhealthy, acidic, toxic water lifestyle.

Introduction to Alkaline Water Ionizer
A water ionizer is a home appliance that are designed to alter the pH level of the water by using electrolysis process, typically from neutral pH (7.2) to alkaline levels pH(8-9.5). This process involves passing water through the electrolysis chamber that uses negative (cathode) and positive (anode) electrodes, which separate the water into alkaline water near the negative electrodes and acidic water near the positive electrodes.

Most of the branded products use electrodes made of anti-rust metal Titanium coated with Platinum.

Why is Alkaline Ionized water considered to be �Super Healthy� water?
As a result of an electrolysis process, the Ionizers produce Alkaline Ionized Water which contains several health properties such as �

1. The ionized water is anti-oxidant which helps in neutralizing the free radicals. These are harmful molecules that can damage cells and contribute to aging, heart disease, arthritis and a whole host of diseases.
2. The ionized water is micro-clustered i.e. the size of the water gets reduced to almost 2/3rd size of the normal water that results in superior and more hydration as compare to the normal water.
3. The ionized water is Alkaline � The Ionizer offers different alkaline levels from mild to strong alkaline ranging pH 8.0 to pH 9.5. The alkalinity of the water helps alleviating the symptoms of acid reflux and neutralizing the excess acidity in the body, which is often associated with poor diet, stress and pollution and the root cause of many of the known diseases.
4. The ionized water is rich in dissolved hydrogen � The water produced by the ionizer contains molecular hydrogen that is dissolved in the water. Consuming dissolved hydrogen water helps eliminate free radicals. Since the hydrogen is dissolved in the water as form of gas, it is likely to be evaporated within 5-6 hours, hence, it is always recommended to consume the ionized water soon in order to get the maximum benefit of the dissolved hydrogen.
5. The ionized water is rich in alkaline minerals � as a result of electrolysis process, the alkaline minerals such as Calcium (Ca), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg) & Sodium (Na) become a part of the drinking water and all harmful minerals, heavy metals drain out as part of the waste water. This results in more concentration of healthy minerals that are most required for human body metabolism.

About Aura Science of Wellness
Aura Science of Wellness is a Pune, India based company that�s leading innovation in the distribution and retail of premium health and wellness products by offering the finest �end to end� eco-friendly, medical grade premium certified products that promote health and wellness.
The company�s products have wide acceptance and are endorsed by health conscious families, individuals, corporate companies with a focus on their employee well-being, yoga centers, doctors, sports professionals, and a few celebrities.

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