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Craftworkz Unveils Expanded Range of Quality Craft Materials in Australia

2024-04-18 02:27:29 Art & Entertainment


Craftworkz, a top Australian art and craft supplier, expands its product line with high-quality polystyrene sheets and wood craft materials, catering to artists and hobbyists nationwide.

Craftworkz, Australia's leading supplier of art and craft materials, is proud to announce its latest range of high-quality polystyrene sheets and wood craft supplies, catering to the growing demands of the Australian creative community. This new collection aims to inspire and support artists, educators, and hobbyists across the country, reinforcing Craftworkz's commitment to fostering creativity and craftsmanship in Australia.

Craftworkz's expanded product line is a response to the increasing interest in DIY projects and hands-on activities among Australians. The company has sourced the finest materials to ensure that both amateur and professional crafters have access to the best supplies for their artistic endeavors.

A New Era for Polystyrene Sheets in Crafting:
Polystyrene sheets have emerged as a versatile and popular choice among crafters for their ease of use and adaptability. Recognizing this trend, Craftworkz has added to its already extensive range of polystyrene shapes, and introduced a variety of polystyrene sheets, available in multiple sizes. These sheets are perfect for a wide range of projects, from model making and architectural designs to decorative art and educational crafts.

Craftworkz's polystyrene sheets are Australian made, and specially selected for their quality and durability, ensuring that each piece meets the high standards expected by Australian crafters. This addition to their inventory reflects the company's dedication to providing materials that are not only practical but also encourage creativity and innovation.

Wood Craft Supplies: Embracing Natural Beauty:
In addition to polystyrene, Craftworkz has also expanded its range of wood craft supplies australia. Their collection includes an array of wooden materials such as beads, cutouts, construction craft materials, suitable for various creative applications. Craftworkz wood supplies are chosen for their value and quality, offering crafters the opportunity to work with materials that bring warmth and authenticity to their projects.

The wood craft supplies are ideal for a range of activities, from bulk workshop events to educational projects. They are particularly popular among educators and parents looking for safe and natural materials for children's crafts.

As an added bonus, the majority of Craftworkz MDF shapes are cut in house, right in their Sydney warehouse. This allows them to cater for any individual customer requirements, and the ability to provide large volumes in quick turnaround times. Great for educational settings, events, creative workshops etc.

A Commitment to the Australian Creative Community:
Craftworkz's expansion of its product range reaffirms its commitment to supporting the arts and crafts community in Australia. "We believe in the power of creativity and the importance of high-quality materials in bringing artistic visions to life," said Dale Odgers, CEO of Craftworkz. "Our expanded range of polystyrene sheets and wood craft supplies is a testament to our dedication to serving the diverse needs of Australian crafters."

Craftworkz invites artists, educators, and craft enthusiasts to explore their new range and discover the possibilities that these materials can offer. With a focus on quality, value for money, variety, and customer service, Craftworkz continues to be the go-to destination for art and craft supplies in Australia.

For more information about Craftworkz and their products, visit

About Craftworkz:
Craftworkz has been a part of the Australian craft industry since 1993. Leisl, Dale & The Craftworkz Crew�s primary focus is to provide their customers with a great service, great products with competitive prices. They are a 100% Australian owned and operated small business located in Sydney.

Company :-D & L Craftworkz

User :- Dale Odgers

Phone :-+61 0296208690

Url :-

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