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Lifevision Skincare Sets a New Benchmark with Their State-Of-The-Art Third-Party Manufacturing Plant for Derma in Baddi

2024-04-21 05:20:12 Health and Fitness


Lifevision Skincare is a trusted name in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that aims to meet the demand for quality skincare, derma, and cosmetic products across the nation. As a leading Private Labeling Dermatology Manufacturer in India, the company has an enormous manufacturing facility located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh that is fully equipped with advanced automated machinery. Besides, it has been certified by GMP and ISO: 2010, ensuring compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.

The manufacturing facility has been designed for smooth and fast production of derma products, such as moisturizers and lotions, face cleansers and washes, body lotions, serums and treatments, eye creams and gels, face masks, sunscreen SPF products, and many more. The sheer size of their manufacturing units allows them to accommodate large-scale production without compromising on product quality.

Apart from an advanced Third-party Manufacturing Plant for Derma in Baddi with the necessary infrastructure, there is a lot more Lifevision Skincare brings to the table in terms of expertise. For instance, they are backed by a team of dermatologists, cosmetologists, and pharmacists who work together to come up with breakthrough formulas using evidence-based methodologies. As a result, their clients get top-quality products rooted in scientific validation and proven efficacy in treating specific skin-related issues.
Being a quality driven firm, Lifevision Skincare strives to maintain the highest standard of quality throughout the manufacturing process. Aware of how critical regulatory compliance is to the pharma sector, the company adheres to DCGI laws and ensures that all their products have ISO and WHO certifications. Their commitment to quality starts with the sourcing of superior-quality raw ingredients from reliable vendors from different parts of the country and employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Since quality is important for Lifevision Skincare more than anything else, they also have a trained quality control staff for keeping a check on product quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

About Lifevision Skincare
Lifevision Skincare is one of India�s leading manufacturers of skincare, derma, and cosmetic products with over 12 years of solid experience in the industry. Committed to providing outstanding skincare solutions, the company is backed by a highly skilled and experienced team of experts that work together to develop safe and effective scientifically backed formulas. As one of the most trusted third-party manufacturers in the country, they uphold the highest standards of quality at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Besides, their large-scale production capacities allow them to successfully cater to the diverse needs of clients from all across the nation. To learn more about Lifevision Skincare or their third-party manufacturing services, feel free to call @ +91-9815878630.
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