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AVTODOM BMW Startovaya presented the Theory of the Expanding Universe

2024-07-19 11:26:20 Automotive


Projection mapping created from paintings by contemporary Russian artist Rostislav Likhanov was presented in the AVTODOM BMW Startovaya dealership. It is located in St. Petersburg at Startovaya Street, 10. The project is organized jointly with the Art Coordination Foundation of the support and development of contemporary art and is dedicated to the Theory of the Expanding Universe.

AVTODOM BMW Startovaya builds the future from important points of attraction in the present. We are glad that art is one of these points and that its impulse has led to cooperation with our Foundation. Reliability, dynamics, transformation, response to modern processes and using innovative approaches distinguish the AVTODOM BMW Company from other car dealers in St. Petersburg�, - Daria Kalinina, founder and president of the Art coordinate Foundation of the support and development of contemporary art, comment.

Rostislav Likhanov is a talented artist, teacher at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry named after A. L. Stieglitz. He works at the intersection of current trends and new technologies. He developed the Light Exhibition The Big Bang Theory especially for the AVTODOM BMW Startovaya. Atom and the evolution of the Universe became the main theme of the digital composition. The genesis of life and stages of development of civilizations are depicted in the form of dynamic elements arranged in a single composition. It was projected onto the cars and organically complemented the space of the dealership center. The units and components of the Universe depicted on the projections are in tune with the principles of engineering art and the key principles of the AVTODOM BMW Startovaya - reliability, dynamism and innovative approaches.

�We are pleased that the AVTODOM BMW Startovaya has become a place of synergy between art, technology, innovation and business. We are open to everything novelty and want to introduce clients and guests of our dealership to works of contemporary art. The works of Rostislav Likhanov are in perfect harmony with the dynamic atmosphere of the dealership center and attract the attention of visitors�, - Olga Emelyanova, Sales Director of AVTODOM BMW Startovaya, commented.

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