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Veteran Book Publicist Dispels Myth that New Authors Have Narrow Window of Opportunity to Market Their Work

2024-04-21 04:10:49 Industry


Many authors believe that a book's success or failure hinges on the groundwork done within a few brief months surrounding the book's publication date, explained Trish Stevens, founder and CEO of Ascot Media Group in Houston.

Houston, TX, USA | February 08, 2024 -- Many authors believe that a book�s success or failure hinges on the groundwork done within a few brief months surrounding the book�s publication date, explained Trish Stevens, founder and CEO of Ascot Media Group in Houston. But this is simply not true, she added.

"It�s really a shame that so many authors believe this," Stevens said. "Even when the publisher moves on to the next great book, sometimes just a couple of months later, the fact is, you can promote your book for years to come and still get great results, as long as there's nothing in it that becomes outdated quickly, like technology."

The key to sustaining any marketing momentum is to keep the messaging � and the mode of delivery � fresh, Stevens noted.

Her suggestions include giving talks or readings at local bookstores or coffee houses; taking part in broadcast interviews; offering discounts on bulk purchases for book clubs, schools, businesses or other groups; and being active on social media.

"The sky's the limit, and anything is possible, so get creative!" Stevens said. "Keep your marketing fresh and exciting, and you'll keep getting results."

"Most importantly," Stevens continued, "if you have self-published your book, make absolutely sure it has been thoroughly edited. Too many authors try to get around that, and that is the biggest mistake they make. Never think that your writing skills are good enough to simply publish your book online. One mistake in a book can put a reader off, instantly. And, if that causes bad reviews, you will become �stuck.� Find a creditable editor!"

Stevens advises authors handling their own publicity to look for ways to make the topics of their books newsworthy, while avoiding hyperbolic language and fluff. And if they don�t have time for self-promotion, they can hire a reputable book publicist.

"A book publicist can help you keep your book in the public eye; they can communicate with the media and secure interviews and appearances for you; help keep your story in print; and they can help you reach new audiences," she said.

The bottom line, Stevens emphasized, is that authors have spent years (in most cases) bringing their books to fruition, so they shouldn�t give up so quickly when it comes to publicizing it.

"If they used a publicist during the first few months and got little to no results, they need to consider the possibility that the publicist just didn�t do a good enough job for them," Stevens said. "Don�t let your dream die because someone failed to get you in the public eye."

Lastly, Stevens added, "There�s nothing more gratifying to me in this book world than seeing authors get so excited after their campaigns kick-off and watching them on TV discussing their books. Many of these authors� books failed in publicity years earlier. We reignite their dreams, and it is extremely rewarding."

On more than one occasion, Stevens said she has heard authors describe their excitement as like being a kid again on Christmas morning � running downstairs, getting on their PCs to see just how many media hits have come in. Many of these types of testimonials can be found along with contact information at

"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't keep marketing your book,� Stevens added. �As long as you have a passion for it, there's no reason you can't continue to reach new readers and touch their lives, for years to come."

About Ascot Media Group:

For more than 16 years, Ascot Media Group has specialized in publicity campaigns for emerging and established authors alike, helping them achieve local, national and international exposure. The company has been voted number one for book publicity multiple times over the course of its history and has helped some authors reach the NY Times bestsellers list.

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