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Times of India introduces its Right to Excellence Budget Masterclass to Delve into the intricacies of Budget 2024

2024-04-12 04:04:15 Events / Trade Shows


New Delhi February 2 , 2024: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's sixth consecutive budget presentation, the last one before the General Elections, has concluded. Breaking down the complexities and deciphering the budget's profound impact, the Times of India proudly introduces its annual flagship property, the Right to Excellence Budget Masterclass. The event will feature Amitabh Kant, former CEO of Niti Aayog, known for his insightful perspectives on economic matters.

Taking place on February 5, 2024, in Delhi, this masterclass is set to unite policymakers, experts, and finance gurus to decode the pivotal announcements made by the Finance Minister.

Prasad Sanyal, Business Head, Times of India Digital, said, "We hope this Budget masterclass helps people understand the impact of the announcements made by the Finance Minister. It's essential for individuals and businesses to stay informed about the budget's implications. Our Budget Masterclass will provide valuable insights and analysis to help people navigate the potential impact of the Union Budget on their personal and professional finances."

Here's an overview of the sessions that will be part of the Masterclass:

Navigating Tax Changes: Understanding the implications of introduced tax changes and their impact on personal finances.

Fueling Growth: Exploring strategies outlined in the Budget to foster economic growth.

Sector Spotlight - Revolutionizing the Automobile Sector: Gaining Expert Insights on How the Budget Will Impact the Auto Industry.

Fireside Chat: Budget Planning for Businesses: Delving into how businesses can strategically plan decisions in alignment with fiscal policies.

Fireside Chat: Revolutionizing the Automobile Sector - Innovations, Sustainability, and Future Trends: An in-depth expert perspective on how the budget will shape the future of the automobile sector.

Shashank Srivastava, Sr. Executive Officer, Marketing and Sales at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, one of the key panellists on the Masterclass, said, "I am very excited to be a part of TOI's Right To Excellence Budget Masterclass. Today, I will be talking about the blueprint that the interim budget has provided the industry at large to sustain India's economic growth. Furthermore, I will also discuss the budget's impact on the auto sector, what measures need to be taken to continue the growth momentum in the sector, and future trends."

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