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SoftInWay Elevates System Simulation Capabilities and Customer Support with Latest Release

2024-04-10 03:12:25 Computer


SoftInWay, a leading solutions provider of turbomachinery, energy and propulsion technology, proudly announces the latest release of AxSTREAM System Simulation. This release signifies a substantial leap in system design capabilities, with a focus on advanced thermal analysis and innovative features tailored to meet evolving industry demands.

The new AxSTREAM System Simulation version introduces an array of features that enhance the user experience, including a multitude of thermal and fluid components to address heat transfer and hydraulic problems in rotating and stationary elements. It also offers multi-run capabilities for parametric studies and optimizations, as well as component customization. This includes specialized considerations for internal combustion engines, electrical power equipment, and various electrochemical elements. Notably, SoftInWay has also devoted attention to refining combustion chamber calculations within gas turbine and rocket engines.

Another important advancement in this release includes the extension of transient calculation capabilities to provide insights into dynamic system behavior under varying conditions. This expansion is particularly noteworthy for applications such as rocket engines, small modular reactors (SMRs), energy storage systems, and cooled gas turbines.

These updates demonstrate SoftInWay?s continued commitment to addressing the diverse needs of the engineering community, showcasing a holistic approach to system modeling and design.

This release also marks the debut of Wikibot, representing the first iteration of AI support from SoftInWay as a means to enhance and complement our renowned support team. Functioning as a chatbot, Wikibot utilizes advanced AI technology to deliver up-to-date information in a prompt and conversational format. Initially available for System Simulation, Wikibot will progressively extend its support across the entire SoftInWay platform in subsequent releases.

SoftInWay?s CEO, Leonid Moroz, expressed his excitement about the release, stating, ?AxSTREAM System Simulation reflects our commitment to providing engineers with a powerful and flexible tool for coupled 0D-1D system design and modeling. The incorporation of advanced thermal analysis, multi-run calculations, and the introduction of Wikibot exemplify our dedication to driving innovation in the engineering landscape.?

As SoftInWay continues to evolve its offerings, this latest release stands as a testament to the company?s commitment to staying at the forefront of engineering technology, meeting the dynamic needs of the industry.

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