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Markzware QXPMarkz Now Converts InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, & QuarkXPress 2024

2024-04-21 08:04:05 Computer


Dayti, Nevada, November 15, 2023 - Markzware, Inc., announces its "Markz-line" product releases to convert Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, and QuarkXPress 2024 files on macOS. Now, you can convert these documents to many desktop publishing formats, with easy-to-use, stand-alone applications, which include:

  • OmniMarkz 2024 (combination of PDFMarkz, QXPMarkz, & IDMarkz, plus advanced File Inventory)

  • PDFMarkz 2024 (preview and convert PDF to Adobe InDesign 2024 & lower to CS4)

  • QXPMarkz 2024 (preview and convert QuarkXPress to InDesign 2024 & lower to CS4)

  • IDMarkz 2024 (preview and convert InDesign to Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, & more)

Work With Even More File Formats, Using OmniMarkz

Randy Dunbar, Editor In Chief / Creative Director at SoCal Magazine, expresses, "I have found this application to be completely useful. I have ads from clients, generally in PDF formats, and often need to make changes - (OmniMarkz and PDFMarkz) allow me to work in formats that I am familiar with. I teach graphic design to students and often show them how this works. In fact, we have a substantial online library where you can save pages as PDFs - again opening them in InDesign has distinct advantages. With OmniMarkz the opportunity to work with even more formats has exciting possibilities. Really unique and powerful tools for the designer."

Digital File Editing Is Made Easy With IDMarkz

Mark Lamhut, President, Paul-Mark Printing, endorses IDMarkz, stating, "The applications Markzware provides (to) designers of all levels are amazing time savers. When it comes to taking digital files and making them usable in older versions, or taking a file to your program of choice for editing there is no equal."

Pricing, Availability, & System Requirements

Subscribers to the Annual Subscription can immediately download their Markz-line products via their unique and private download URL. One can purchase a new license for OmniMarkz, PDFMarkz, QXPMarkz, or IDMarkz (Annual Subscription or Perpetual version) via the Markzware Products page or through an authorized Reseller.

Upgrade pricing for the IDMarkz macOS Perpetual upgrade with Adobe CC 2024 support is $89.50 USD/Euro. Upgrade pricing for the OmniMarkz macOS Perpetual upgrade is $299.50 USD/Euro. QXPMarkz and PDFMarkz upgrade pricing is $179.50 USD/Euro. Windows versions are coming soon.

System requirements include macOS 13.01 or higher. Sign up to receive product news, free updates, specials, and support for your Markzware products. Join us on X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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