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\'Jobcasts\' by SMARTer Job Hunting, An Inspiring New Podcast, provides valuable insights and advice to job seekers

2024-04-19 05:49:33 Blogging & Social Media


Delray Beach, FL, October 12, 2023 ? SMARTer Job Hunting announces JobCast, a new tool for job seekers. This podcast channel expands on the methodologies presented in the SMARTer Job-Hunting book, available in print and online.

Jobcasts cover a wide range of topics from finding and evaluating a promising opportunity, to writing a SMARTer resume, to acing the interview and negotiating a robust salary package. Beyond its book, custom app, and career coaching services, SMARTer Job Hunting is pleased to offer an audio learning resource through Jobcasts.

Jobcasts are hosted by the authors of SMARTer Job Hunting, led by Chief Scientist, Dr. Christopher Harz, who for years has been using next generation educational technology to teach thousands of students worldwide. He has facilitated and enhanced segmented, game based, technological, and experiential learning in government and private corporations.

With degrees in applied psychology, neuroscience, and international business management, Harz has hired scientific, technical, and marketing people at many different levels. The firsthand experience he shares is central to the tips and wisdom found in Jobcasts.

\"For audio learners and people on the go, Jobcasts is a convenient way to access a wide range of job-hunting topics. Guest speakers will offer insider tips on finding hidden jobs and positioning yourself as the ideal candidate for a job you will treasure,\" says Dr. Harz.

Job seekers who are looking for a next gen approach to job hunting can access Jobcast episodes simply by visiting \'\' (link listed below) and finding \'Jobcast\' listed atop the homepage.

Company :-TransMedia Group

User :- Adrienne Mazzone


Mobile:- 561-908-1683

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