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Dwelling Word Ministry Launches an Online Radio Station.

2024-04-21 12:54:03 Religion


Dwelling Word Ministry launches an online radio station that entertains and inspires listeners through gospel music, sermons, prayers, and teachings based on the Bible to edify our spirits and souls.

Dwelling Word Ministry announces the launching of its online radio station, which will be a platform for them to give people the opportunity to get information, inspiration, and entertainment. The Dwelling Word Ministry is now venturing into radio by creating Dwelling Word Radio. This new platform is expected to allow people to listen to inspirational content from the Bible, including messages, prayers, and sermons from their pastors; create awareness about the church's events; and encourage more people to attend their church activities.

Dwelling Word Radio is a gospel radio station that aims at promoting all local gospel artists and ministers whose artwork has never been aired on any traditional radio station. In order to give a voice to the unheard and unknown gospel artists, the dwellers of this word radio intend to bring out a revolution in the gospel music industry, mainly in Calgary. The dweller's of this word in fact do not own any kind of studio or recording facility, but still, it has managed to bring out into realization its goal of being a one-stop-shop for all local gospel artists.

In achieving its purpose, dwellers' word radio is catering not only to Christian artists but also to non-Christian artists who have something to say about their faith. Thus, it is opening up its doors beyond Christian genre and also allowing non-believers to perform and express themselves freely to all dwellers of this word radio.

"What we really want to do is get the word out there," says Eric Donkor, a representative for Dwelling Word Ministry. "We have a lot of great messages that we want to reach people with in various parts of the world." Eric adds that they may even post some sermons online to share with those who cannot tune into the station's broadcast.

About Dwelling Word Radio:

Dwelling Word Radio is a non-profit online radio station that entertains and inspires listeners through religious music and teachings. The radio will feature 24/7 live broadcasts of gospel music, sermons, prayers, and other teachings for the purpose of edifying the listeners' spirits. The station's main focus is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through every media platform available. For more information, please visit or check Dwelling Word Radio's FB profile at

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