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TransMedia Group to Arrange Media Interviews for America’s Most Outspoken Rabbi Barry Silver ESQ

2024-04-19 04:05:41 Religion


Boca Raton, FL. (September 2, 2021) ?TransMedia Group said its new client, Rabbi Barry Silver, takes the proverbial cake in making people think differently about religion and is the only Rabbi to have served in the Florida Legislature and named the most effective environmental legislator and consumer champion.

Today he preaches ?Cosmic Judaism? an ?InspiRational? approach merging religion and science, which he says brings out the best in people and the world, said TransMedia CEO Tom Madden.

?Our publicity will show how Silver was inspired by such prophets as Carl Sagan and Albert Einstein who famously said, ?Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.?

According to Silver, ?If we take the Biblical myths literally, we become ?myth?guided, ?mythled?, ?myth?informed and ?myth?ogynistic.?

?While we don?t always agree with every one of Silver?s positions,? said Madden, ?he?s one Rabbi who?ll gladly serve closed minds enticing food for thought.?

TransMedia said its PR will include Rabbi Silver?s role as a constitutional, civil rights attorney who defends animals, the environment and abortion rights, appearing often on national media. Newsweek reported him leading the charge in litigation against Governor DeSantis and his ill-fated anti-mask mandate. He has appeared on MSNBC, FOX News, Boston Globe, A Current Affair discussing his public interest cases and rights of Muslims, Haitians, African Americans.

Rabbi Silver is founder of Temple of Understanding, Palm Beach County Chapter, uniting world?s religions in a common quest for peace and harmony. Silver founded the environmental coalition and Interfaith Justice League.

He is also a columnist for the Jewish Journal and Jewish Post & Opinion, lecturer for the Jewish Center and Florida Atlantic University adult education, and his son Ari Silver, founded the Student March to Stop Gun Violence.

Rabbi Silver likes to parody politicians, creating and singing original adaptations about social issues. He led rallies against Trump at Mar-A-Lago, is fluent in Spanish, conversant in French and Hebrew and has family in Haiti, where his father performed the first Bar Mitzvah. Silver helps Haiti and Afghani refugees and has performed weddings worldwide in various languages.

TransMedia PR program will present Silver?s ?Comic? Religion too, spicing inspiration with humor, joy and his original music.
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